xQc no longer banned from GTA RP NoPixel whitelist server

Popular Twitch streamer xQc returned to GTA Online’s NoPixel whitelist server, having already received its fifth ban in late May.

Popular Twitch streamer Felix “xQc”Lengyel revealed that he was no longer banned from NoPixel’s whitelist server by Grand Theft Auto V Online. Known for his controversial role-playing server antics, Lengyel has already been banned five times. Its most recent ban in May was considered permanent, so far.

Apparently a controversial magnet, ex-Monitoring pro xQc has ruffled many feathers on the most popular GTA Online role-playing game server, NoPixel. His growing popularity has affected his personal life, with the streamer recently confessing to viewers that he had to relocate due to being the subject of continuous crushes, causing him to fear for his life.

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During a recent Twitch livestream on July 1, xQc revealed to fans that they are no longer whitelisted. RGT RP NoPixel server, back on the server after a little over a month. Although he is best known for his criminal follies around Los Santos as the character of Jean Paul, Lengyel has further stated that he will not be returning in the character at this time. Instead, he will choose to play his most law-abiding alternative character: a police officer named Pierre Paul. He reassured fans that his decision didn’t mean he couldn’t play as Jean Paul, but added that the main reason NoPixel administrators rescinded his ban was to allow xQc to play his character. from police.

After his fifth ban, Lengyel previously said he didn’t think he deserved another chance on the whitelisted NoPixel server and announced shortly after opening a sister NoPixel RP server. The new server had fewer restrictions in an effort to appeal to more criminal players, which seemed to fit Lengyel’s role-playing tendencies perfectly. So his return to the whitelist server surprised most viewers. Of course, xQc has no intention of wasting its sixth opportunity on the NoPixel server anytime soon, telling fans that it will come back to the server playing off-stream and trying to have softer livestreams. playing like Peter Paul.

While his early return to NoPixel’s whitelisted server may surprise xQc fans, it remains to be seen whether playing the part of Peter Paul the Policeman will be enough to keep Lengyel away from the interdiction hammer. Given admin NoPixel’s quick turnaround on his decision to permanently ban the streamer, it seems doubtful that future bans xQc receives will really stick.

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Grand Theft Auto: V Online is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Source: xQcOW / Twitch

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