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After a busy few months, the Winnebago City Council received a brief agenda at its regular meeting Wednesday, March 9 at 7 p.m.

The first general business item was an update from Bolton & Menk engineer Matt Cole.

Cole shared that the financing plan for the city’s Cleveland Avenue West improvement project was submitted to the Public Facilities Authority (PFA) last Friday and is pending approval.

He added that Bolton & Menk have started work on the plans and specifications for the water tower rehabilitation project, which will involve cladding the inside and outside of the water tower as well as structural and safety repairs. minors.

Cole estimated plans will be complete by the end of March.

He shared that Bolton & Menk has also started planning for recommended upgrades to the water treatment plant’s control systems, although there is currently no timetable available for the completion of the project. .

Following Cole’s update, the council shifted its focus from pending construction to pending celebration.

Hynes applied for funding from the BEA Post Prom Committee, which is coordinating the annual party.

“The money donated is used to cover the cost of entertainment, facility rental and food, as well as prizes offered that night,”Hynes explained.

She recommended Winnebago donate $500 to help fund the lavish event, which typically costs a total of $15,000 each year.

Hynes added that Winnebago’s donation could come from the city’s 10% gambling fund.

Council unanimously passed a motion approving the $500 donation.

The council then turned its attention to Resolution 786-2022, which would allow Emily Bonin to maintain a Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA) fund as a part-time officer for the Winnebago Police Department. They unanimously passed a motion to accept the resolution.

As Winnebago city staff settle into new positions, council also discussed necessary adjustments to the hours and salary of administrative assistant Corinna McGinnis.

Since the city’s front office has been understaffed in recent months, McGinnis took on a full-time temporary job and a $3-per-hour raise.

Hynes explained that McGinnis had to return to his regular part-time job. She asked the board to approve a return of McGinnis’ pay to its original rate of $15.69 an hour.

“I want to thank Corinna for stepping in as long as she could and helping to move City Hall forward over the past few weeks,”said Hynes.

She added that the city has currently received an application for the vacant position of assistant city clerk, which when filled will alleviate current staffing shortages.

The meeting ended with two closed sessions.

The first closed session was held to discuss the misconduct of law enforcement officers.

When the meeting reopened, City Council member Calvin Howard moved a motion to accept the results of the investigation into the Winnebago policeman in question, which the council passed unanimously.

The second closed session was held for solicitor-client privilege to discuss ongoing litigation, after which no decision was made by counsel.

The board concluded its meeting by thanking Hynes, who worked overtime in light of the city’s staffing shortages.

“Judi (Hynes) has been under a lot of stress lately, and just know that we appreciate that, and hope we find some help for you soon,”said Board Member Jean Anderson.

Winnebago City Council will hold its next regular meeting on Tuesday, April 12 at 7 p.m.

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