Windows may update longer, hangs and tries to repair, reverts to old version

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Please always post your OS version and build number found in Settings -> System -> About (use Copy button if available in your version) as there are fixes and issues for each version and everyone is running something different.
Best practice would be to also include the above along with information about the make / model of the motherboard, and / or what’s in the box, chip, BIOS version, make and model. RAM speed, GPU make / model would also be great information to be able to provide you with more knowledgeable help. Some information can be found using System Information of type Start Search. (generic post for the future)

Does it actually do a BSOD or does it just fail and come back ??

Is this an Asrock H97 Pro 4 ?? Current BIOS is P1.90 If so, your BIOS is outdated and should be flashed to the latest current version 2.10 to better support Win10

In Windows, turn off fast startup

Please do this to see if it fixes a problem (always note backing up and creating restore points): From the keyboard, press Windows key and X key and choose Powershell (Admin) WHERE for a DOS command prompt from START | type cmd.exe in the startup search box | Right click on cmd.exe | select “Run as administrator” then Copy / Paste ->:
DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth command then Enter
if it has problems, restart. (Completed Successfully: means restart)
For more information on this command, please see:
After: please Open another administrator command prompt and please run Copy / Paste -> SFC / SCANNOW in the Dos or Powershell window and Enter. Restart after.
The 1st goes back to Microsoft for new files if there are any that are corrupted. The 2nd will then check itself and update automatically and fix any issues if found.

From the Start menu type Troubleshoot and choose Update / Check for Problems and run it.

Let people know what is going on and if it is in fact a BSOD rather than a failure. Thank you.

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