What Boston doctor advises as kids return to school amid omicron


“Make contingency plans. “

  • Charlie Baker is firmly committed to in-person learning as some schools delay return amid an omicron spike

A Boston doctor shared his advice on Monday as students returned to class after the holidays and workers faced a return to the office amid a wave of the highly contagious omicron variant.

Dr Ali Raja, Acting Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, told CNN that the first thing anxious parents should do before sending their children back to school is get them tested for COVID-19.

“If you have any tests, please test your children before you send them away this morning,” he said. “And if they have symptoms and you can’t get tested, please keep them at home. But also, make contingency plans.

The doctor said he was concerned that schools need to switch to distance learning, not because of students getting sick, but because teachers and staff will be sick from COVID-19 .

“I am concerned that teachers and everyone else in schools will get sick and be forced to close temporarily,” he said.

Meanwhile, for adults who have traveled recently and are considering returning to the office, Raja said a lot depends on a person’s risk of exposure and what happened on the recent trip.

“If you have no symptoms and take all the necessary precautions while traveling, you should feel comfortable returning to work,” he said. “There is no directive or directive that says you shouldn’t go back. But honestly if you were traveling for a big New Years rash and there were a lot of unmasked people around and maybe you had exposure and you don’t know it yet, you should stay home. and make sure you get tested before coming back. “

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