Watch: Mother tiger turns around to check on cubs and wins hearts online

A video of a tiger mother guiding her three cubs near the Geddai Dam in Nilgiris surfaced on social media after Supriya Sahu, Indian Administrative Officer and Chief Environment Secretary of Tamil Nadu, shared the video on Twitter on December 1 with internet users who simply loved it.

“Tiger Country – looks like a mother teaching her three teenage boys discipline and the way she watches over them Seen near the Geddai Dam #Nilgiris #Tiger #wildlife,” Sahu tweeted.

The three cubs looked almost lost in the middle of the wilderness in the video as they continued to look in the direction their mother had left. Meanwhile, the mother tiger, who was sighted a few feet away, stopped for a moment and looked back for her cubs, capturing hearts in line. Netizens found the cubs disciplined as the mother tiger turned to face them.

The video also captured the body of water of the Geddai dam in the background and the vegetation surrounding it amid the wandering tigers provided the ideal setting for internet users.

Watch the video here:

Such moments in nature are rarely captured and the video has garnered over 24,000 views and over 1,000 likes since sharing. “Beautiful photo taken, great with beautiful nature and disciplined members of the tiger family,” commented Twitter user Dr Smar. “These kids know their mom is serious, so you better behave,” another user commented.

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