Vice-Chancellor of San Mateo accused of embezzlement

The Vice Chancellor of the San Mateo Community College District in California has been accused of embezzling taxpayer money, The news of Mercury reported Wednesday. The charges are the result of an ongoing corruption investigation by senior district officials.

Jose Nuñez has pleaded not guilty to 15 felony counts, including allegations that he illegally used district computers and working hours to support a political ally and a government-wide bail measure. State which would have granted 2 billion dollars for investment projects in community colleges. Nuñez was also accused of embezzling government funds and failing to report donor gifts.

Nuñez has been placed on administrative leave. Ron Galatolo, district chancellor, was fired in February following a two-year criminal investigation, although no charges have been filed against him.

“Although the facts of the case are still limited, the university district has put Mr. Nuñez on administrative leave to allow the judicial process to run its course,” said a spokesperson for the district. The news of Mercury. “The College District has an unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency and accountability and supports the district attorney’s goal of ensuring that these standards are met by all public servants.”

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