Veteran receives award from Orlando police for saving coworker’s life

A U.S. Army veteran who saved the life of his colleague in an Orlando office has been recognized by the Orlando Police Department and Chief Orlando Rolon.

James Gutherie, 40, received a good citizenship award for saving the life of a colleague in February after a man with a machete entered their office building, authorities said. Everything was filmed by surveillance cameras.

“I saw he was attacking it. I have a concealed gun, so I drew my pistol, fired two shots. I hit it once and then it collided with it. me and we fought, ”Gutherie said.

He knew this was not the end of the fight.

“Once I made the choice to pull out my gun and go on the defensive, I knew I would end up getting attacked. It’s not like the movies where you shoot someone once and it just hit the ground. ”

So he continued to fight.

“I thought you were going to be hit by a machete. Throw down your left arm because you are right handed. So I raised my left arm, took the machete cut and I was like I was still fighting. , don’t make him give up. ”

He received a cut to his wrist and injured his knee and shoulder, but came out victorious.

“He took the gun from him and he ran away. The cops picked him up down the road.”

The accused assailant, Oraine Grant, 31, is now charged with attempted murder.

Chef Rolon congratulated Gutherie for his actions.

“It could easily have resulted in the deaths of a number of people, but it’s good to know that there are people like this in this world who can step in whenever necessary to protect someone else. “

When asked how he learned to fight, Gutherie replied, “I studied martial arts when I was younger, but when I was in the military I was a combat instructor, so I trained other guys to defend themselves. ”

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