UPDATE: Impact Wrestling releases statement of support for Gisele Shaw after she publicly comes out as transgender

UPDATE: Impact Wrestling has released a statement of support for Gisele Shaw after announcing that she is a transgender woman. The company issued the following press release showing its support for Shaw, which is signed with the company:

IMPACT Wrestling supports Gisele Shaw
IMPACT Wrestling Knockout competitor Gisele Shaw has revealed she is a transgender woman to the general public. Shaw, who joined the IMPACT roster in January of this year, informed IMPACT of his decision several months ago and made the disclosure in a series of interviews today.

IMPACT Wrestling fully supports Gisele, including connecting her with leading LGBTQ+ resources including GLAAD and Athlete Ally, and will continue to support her.

IMPACT Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore said, “IMPACT Wrestling has been at the forefront of empowering female artists for over 15 years. Our company believes that featuring stories with female athletes and characters from all walks of life can not only entertain, but also inspire.

“Inclusiveness and representation are important to IMPACT and parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment, but I will also add that Gisele is in IMPACT Wrestling because of her wrestling ability, her charisma and because she fits in to our list. She’s in IMPACT Wrestling because she’s one of the hottest young talents in the business.

Reigning IMPACT Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace expressed her wholehearted support for Shaw’s decision. She said: “As a friend, I am delighted that Gisele can inspire people with her story. I know it’s important to her. I’m biased, but I think the trans community has a great role model in it.

ORIGINAL: During an interview with Breakfast Television in Canada (via PWInsider), Gisele Shaw announced that she is living her life as a transgender woman and that she is proud of it. Here are the highlights:

By making the decision to come out publicly“It’s super scary, but the more I talk about it, I feel it normalizes and I feel freer and I accept myself and love myself. I think that’s really important.

On the timing of its announcement with Pride Month“It means so much to me, because I feel the pride of Toronto. It’s about being proud and being authentic and true to yourself. It’s so important to love yourself and be true to who you are.

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