– Town hall, transfer station, garage on project list for Livermore

LIVERMORE — Administrative assistant Aaron Miller told selectors on Tuesday evening that he had met with representatives of Androscoggin Savings Bank to discuss funding for capital improvement projects, including a new fire engine.

Miller met with the bank’s vice president of public finance, John Simko, and vice president of business and government services, Lena Hann, earlier in the day.

“They got wind that we were considering buying a new fire truck,” Miller said. “We had a general discussion. We want to explore our options.

The bank offers a municipal lease option, he said.

“We raised $200,000,” Miller said. “We plan to raise and allocate an additional $100,000 at the town hall this year. We don’t know what the price will be, let’s see what this option looks like. You want to keep your options open.

“We did it with the last Volvo (bought for the highways department),” coach Scott Richmond said. “We looked into it a lot. We all got nervous when they said the word lease. It is actually a loan.

“There are benefits,” Miller said. “No lawyer is needed.”

As commissioner of the Maine Municipal Bond Bank, Simko is a tremendous resource, Miller said.

There have been concerns about asphalt and diesel costs, Miller noted. The council will have to decide whether to delay or speed up the projects, he added.

Potential capital improvement projects discussed include lack of space in the city office complex and fire station, lack of running water at the transfer station, and an undersized road garage.

“The chimney is falling,” road foreman Roger Ferland said.

The US Department of Agriculture “has matching grants that are very competitive in terms of getting money,” Miller said. Another possible source is about $238,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds that Livermore will receive, he noted. Federal money can be used to mitigate COVID-19 procedures such as the ability to maintain 6 feet of social distancing at the city office, he added.

“You’re going to have to make a decision probably this year on what to do with that money,” Miller pointed out.

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