The National Bank of Coxsackie offers commercial e-loans

COXSACKIE – Changing the national trend towards online mortgage offerings, the National Bank of Coxsackie has launched a digital lending platform for small businesses.

With the NBC Express Now program, small businesses can apply for installment loans or credit lines digitally via this platform and complete the entire process from application to financing online.

“You wouldn’t really set foot in the branch,” said Nicole Bliss, NBC’s vice president and human resources officer.
“We thought it would be a nice addition to what the bank already offers,” she said.

Imagine small business owners like B. Contractors who may need a new truck or piece of equipment but are also busy and using the resource sharing platform.

The new system is not for mortgages.

NBC has offices in Albany, Greene, and Schoharie counties, but some of its business customers are located in remote or rural areas, as well as in other counties, including Columbia.

“We understand that time is an invaluable resource for small business owners, and we want to make the process of obtaining a term loan or line of credit easy, quick and hassle-free,” NBC chief credit officer Charlene Slemp said in a statement about the new Platform that went live in March.

The bank has offices in Glenmont and Coxsackie in the immediate capital area.

While remote, or touchless, business transactions in general got a boost during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bliss said the new platform wasn’t really due to that.

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