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He added that people should not seek emergency treatment unless they are “in a life or death situation”.

Normally, the hospital has four intensive care beds. Due to the need for social distancing and additional space for COVID-related supplies, the hospital is only able to maintain three intensive care beds at this time. All three are currently in service.

“We are seeing a sharp increase in our COVID patient population,” he said. “Most of these patients are not vaccinated. “

According to the Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard on Wednesday, the seven-day average number of new daily COVID-19 cases reported in Franklin County is 29.

In addition to the difficulties the hospital is facing related to the increase in the number of patients, it also faces staff shortages. “We have been understaffed for a long time, even before the pandemic,” said Cline, “but we are still understaffed, like every other hospital in the country.”

The staff he has, he said, work extremely hard to make sure patients get the care they need. “They are totally dedicated to taking care of their community. It pains them a lot that we are struggling and that we have to go through something that could be avoided, ”he added. “If our community were fully immunized, we wouldn’t see this and we wouldn’t go through the challenges that we are currently going through. Everyone is tired.

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