T-Mobile will lay off office workers who are not fully vaccinated against Covid by April 2


T-Mobile US will lay off company employees who are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by April 2, Bloomberg reported On Saturday, in what would be one of the strictest Covid policies instituted by a major company in the country as others dropped vaccine requirements after the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the vaccine mandate of the Biden administration for major employers.


Deeanne King, the company’s chief human resources officer, said in a memo to U.S. employees obtained by Bloomberg that employees who need “regular or occasional” access to T-Mobile offices should receive the first dose of a Covid vaccine by February 21 or else they will be put leave without pay.

Current employees who are not fully vaccinated by April 2 and who do not receive the company’s internal digital proof of vaccination”will be separatedfrom the company, the memo reportedly said, adding that employees can request vaccine exemptions for medical and religious reasons.

T-Mobile plans to bring its staff back in person or launch hybrid work models on April 2, Bloomberg reported.

Support workers would be required to receive the first dose by February 21, but they will not be subject to unpaid leave even if they do not comply.

The vaccine requirement would not apply to field technicians and “most” in-store retail workers.

T-Mobile confirmed Forbes in a statement, he set an April 2 vaccination deadline for office workers, but he did not confirm whether those who did not comply would be fired, saying the vaccine requirement “we would put him in the best position” to protect T-Mobile workers.

Key context

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court temporarily suspended the Biden administration’s Covid-19 workplace vaccination requirements for large employers. General Electric and Starbucks are among the big companies that dropped vaccination mandates following the Supreme Court ruling. On the other hand, Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup have said Forbes earlier this month, they will meet their vaccine requirements even after the Supreme Court ruling. Citigroup said it will lay off employees who are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at the end of this month. Other major employers, including United Airlines and Tyson Foodshave also implemented vaccination mandates.

Large number

56%. That’s the percentage of Americans who said employers should have vaccination mandates, according to a Morning Consult poll taken after the Supreme Court ruling. Almost 35% said they were against such requirements.

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