SWSSU members hold sit-in at Sims Hall to demand action from SU administration

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About 20 students gathered at Sims Hall on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. to participate in a sit-in and demand more action from the Syracuse University administration to tackle sexual misconduct on campus.

The leaders of Stand With Survivors SU, a student-run organization that aims to tackle sexual misconduct and rape culture on campus, read their list of 18 claims and manifested with Chief B of the Ministry of Public Securityobby Maldonado and several League officials who were in attendance.

After voicing their demands during the sit-in, SWSSU members discussed the progress of their demands with Maldonado and Rob Hradsky, the vice president for student experience.

“We have the support of the university,” said Nancy Linehan, SWSSU co-chair. “And we’re hoping that this is a relationship that we can maintain and make it some kind of collaboration where we can implement these changes on campus. “


Carla Guariglia, another SWSSU co-chair, was also present and spoke during the sit-in.

Members also spoke with Jorge Castillo, J. Cole Smith and Cerri Banks, members of the SU Student Activism Engagement Team, about holding future discussions on how to raise concerns. to administrators.

SU administrators previously appointed SAET to give students space to Express their concerns and provide them with resources for campus activism.

In a conversation with sit-in attendees, Banks said SU is limited in policies it can change based on SWSSU’s requests. But she said she and other officials were ready to work with the students to find solutions.

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“The problem with Title IX is that we have these policies and practices in place. And the government stepped in and created regulations that go against what we do, ”Banks said. “It’s really problematic.

SWSSU leaders briefly discussed with Maldonado the issues with the sexual misconduct reporting process. The organization demanded that any DPS staff who do not file cases or reports of sexual or drug misconduct with the Title IX office be immediately fired.

“I always encourage people to go through the process,” Maldonado said of reporting incidents of sexual misconduct.

We have the support of the university, and we hope that this is a relationship that we can maintain and make it a kind of collaboration.

Nancy Linehan, SWSSU Co-President

Linehan and Guariglia said that following their conversations with university officials, the SWSSU would likely implement some changes in its manifesto. But Linehan said many of the problems at the university could be fixed with better explanations from the League.

“If they explained more than just saying ‘We can’t do this because of federal law’, if they said ‘Well federal law says XYZ and that’s why we can’t do ABC’, if they really got into the depth of why federal law prevents them from doing it, I think that would appease a lot of survivors, ”she said.

Guariglia said the SWSSU is creating a “sister” movement that will focus on the abolition of Greek life in the League.

She also said she still wanted action taken regarding the group’s demands or a communication from the university administrators, namely Chancellor Kent Syverud.

Guariglia contacted The Daily Orange at 7 p.m. Tuesday night and said the organization had left Sims Hall. Their demands for communication or action were not met, she said, and while the SWSSU is proud of their day as a whole, they were disappointed that Syverud did not attend.


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