Slack to sublet 200,000 square feet of SF office space

Enterprise messaging platform service Slack is no longer the holder of one of the largest office space leases in San Francisco, the San Francisco Business Times Wednesday.

the technology The company is subleasing its space at 45 Fremont St., which spans more than 200,000 square feet, just three years after moving into the space at the time of its IPO. The San Francisco Business Times classified the lease the fifth greatest of 2019.

Its main office is still open.

Slack probably didn’t anticipate that a pandemic would begin a year after signing a lease to 2030, upending all conventions of tech perks, including luxurious offices.

Slack CEO and co-founder Stewart Butterfield hasn’t been very receptive to the idea of ​​returning to his offices, going so far as to tell The Washington Post that trying to convince workers to return is a ” doomed to fail”.

“If we say everyone needs to go back to the office, or expect people to go back to the office, and one of our competitors says you can work remotely, who wouldn’t choose the second option there- low ?” he told Fast Company in 2020 — just a year after the company moved into the space.

A Slack spokesperson confirmed to SFGATE that Slack will retain its headquarters at 500 Howard St., right next to the Salesforce Tower. Workers also have the option of working in Salesforce offices. (Slack was acquired by Salesforce last year.)

“Following our association with Salesforce, Slack employees can now also access additional Salesforce office space in San Francisco and around the world. Slack will remain a digital-first company, with physical offices being just one of the tools available to support collaboration,” the spokesperson added.

During the pandemic, many other tech companies, such as Google, Salesforce and Meta, have struggled with when to return to the office, postponing planned returns or opting to work primarily remotely for the foreseeable future.

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