Should Cariboo Regional District Directors get vaccinated against COVID-19?

A new “workplace rule” has been put in place that requires all people who frequent CRD buildings to be vaccinated and present proof of vaccination.

CRD President Margo Wagner says this is not a policy.

“It’s a rule in the workplace. The CAO demanded that all people who come to the workplace in CRD buildings be required to be vaccinated. If they don’t want to be vaccinated, they don’t have to be. We don’t require them to get vaccinated, we just demand that they do, in order to attend board meetings in person, they need to be vaccinated.

Wagner says that while that would include principals, she says they can still do their jobs without getting the shot.

“Absolutely, there are ways to phone, they can participate fully by phone. They can do the exact same for planning advisory boards, recreation boards, all of which have phone options. We were virtual all the way before we started meeting in person, everyone was virtual and it worked. “

Wagner says she’s not going to go into how many directors are or are not vaccinated.

“I know, but I don’t want to, it’s nobody’s business to be honest with you.” What we did, we asked those who are vaccinated to email a copy of their vaccination passport to our HR representative on the board and then she just has a sheet that she gives to CAO. which simply says that this director is vaccinated. That’s it.”

Wagner says the CEO, as the only CRD employee, has the right to “give whatever he wants to keep the safety of his staff he hires.”

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