Senators: Whistleblower claims Biden admin knowingly resettled hundreds of Afghans listed as ‘potential threats’ to US

A Department of Defense (DOD) whistleblower claims that President Joe Biden and his administration knowingly resettled up to 400 Afghans to the United States with potential links to terrorism after the withdrawal of American troops from the country in August 2021, Republican senses Josh Hawley and Ron Johnson wrote Thursday.

The senators wrote that the whistleblower’s revelations “may show that the Biden administration’s failure to control evacuees from Afghanistan was even worse than the public was led to believe” in a letter to the inspector general. Acting DOD. (RELATED: Blinken admits most Afghans weren’t screened before boarding US evacuation planes)

The senators revealed in the letter that there were already at least 65 Afghan people known to the DOD in the United States with profiles indicating potentially significant security risks before the whistleblower came forward. They wrote that the whistleblower revealed that more than 320 Afghans had been allowed into the United States despite US bureaucrats knowing they had profiles in a DOD national security database. This particular watchlist uses biometric information collected from “threats or potential threats to national security” during the United States’ 20-year war in Afghanistan, according to the letter.

The senators further allege that Biden administration bureaucrats not only allowed entry of hundreds of potential terrorist threats, but also actively instructed DOD personnel to take shortcuts when processing biometrics of Afghans en route. to the American homeland via transit bases in Europe. The whistleblower alleges that political appointees instructed DOD personnel to test only one fingerprint per Afghan rather than all ten, according to the senators.

The letter goes on to allege that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) personnel working in the processing and screening of Afghan refugees were authorized to delete old biometric data collected during the United States’ 20-year war. in Afghanistan. (RELATED: Leaked memo reveals Biden administration’s last-minute scramble over Afghanistan pullout)

“Before anyone evacuated from Afghanistan arrives in this country, they undergo rigorous screening by counter-terrorism professionals, homeland security professionals, law enforcement professionals, with the ‘help and assistance from our intelligence community,’ the State Department said through a spokesperson. last September. Several reports have emerged over the past year alleging inadequate vetting of Afghan refugees and their random release inside the United States.

DHS Biden announced in June that it would exempt “Afghan individuals who have provided…limited material support to a designated terrorist organization” from immigration restrictions as the administration continues to resettle thousands of Afghans across United States.

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