SA Passes Bill Encouraging League To Implement Sexual Assault Prevention Services

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The Syracuse University Student Association has expressed support for victims of sexual assault and harassment and approved a new bill to encourage the SU administration to implement training and support services. prevention on campus.

This bill follows the recent protests on campus, when students demonstrated to support survivors of sexual assault and implement changes in the way the League deals with allegations.

In the bill, SA said its members “officially endorse and will advocate” various types of Title IX training. He also pledged that he “will work to ensure that the Title IX office allocates adequate resources to facilitate such trainings.” He also called on the US Department of Education to “immediately review improvements to Title IX regulations.”

“It is really important that we not only express our support for the survivors and the protesters, but also that we try to take concrete steps to solve this problem in any way possible”, said David Bruen, president of the SA.


SA has also approved funding for various after-school and special programs, including the Main Squeeze speaker for Empow (her), a charity concert that supports victims of domestic violence.

Along with the Title IX bill, the meeting focused on the current SA election.

Currently there are 38 members in SA, with 33 seats still available. There are 25 candidates registered for the current election, with the potential to bring its total membership to 63.

Members expressed frustration with the recent update to the MySlice website, and some said it prevented students from voting in the election.

SA management encouraged members to actively encourage students to participate in the election by convincing their peers to vote.

Bruen also promised that if the turnout reached 15%, it would be “right in the face.”

Voting began on Monday and will end on Friday. To vote, students can go to MySlice, click on student resources and scroll to the bottom until they find the green “Vote Now” button.

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