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La Maison de la Paix – “A refuge against the struggle”. Embrace Church Leadership is delighted to announce the opening of the Peace House. This is a six-month residential recovery program for women struggling with substance abuse and / or alcoholism. “We received our first wife on 09/29/21. We ask for your prayers and support as we fight the enemy by faith. God centered on the forgotten. Pastor Andy Boles.

House of Peace 601-469-2680. “If you have any questions about this exciting new ministry, please don’t hesitate to call or visit. We would love to collaborate with you for this worthwhile event! To love, raise and help the forgotten. (Luke 14: 12-14)

Accelerate Mississippi announced the addition of Mary Ann Myers as the new Executive Director. Congratulations Mary Ann, we are proud of you!

“Forty-five of the fifty governors did not force patients infected with Covid 19 into nursing homes – Andrew Cuomo, NY; Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania; Phil Murphy, New Jersey; Gavin Newsome, California; Gretchen Whitmer, MI; That’s nearly 40% of all Covid deaths in the United States. It is not an accident!

They drove us crazy with Corona. We have gone mad! “I went to the bathroom in a restaurant. I washed my hands, opened the door with my elbow, raised the toilet seat with my foot. I turned on the water faucet with a tissue, then opened the bathroom door with my elbow and when I returned to my table I forgot to pull up my pants.

News Brief: Psaki (Presidential Press Secretary): “It is unfair and absurd that companies increase costs for consumers because of higher taxes! (If socialists understood economics, they wouldn’t be socialists! The problem with this world is that smart people are full of doubts, while stupid people are full of confidence.)

Socialism leads to poverty and destruction whenever it is attempted. If you had a dollar every time socialism worked, you would have zero dollars. Ironically, if socialism worked, you would still have zero dollars. We could save 20-40% or more on everything coming back to Trump!

Some people probably think we should be quiet about politics. Let me tell you something. If Christians don’t take a stand against the evil that is happening right now and speak up, we won’t have America!

Between 1980 and 2020, the percentage of the retail sector in the beef market increased by 65%; the packer’s share increased by more than 40%. and the share of producers (farmers) decreased by more than 40%. (Whitewater beef reported)

You know you are getting older when “friends with benefits” means having someone who can drive at night.

Latest news from a husband! “I just had a fight with my wife and she said I was right! What should I do next? ”

Good idea! Louisiana Cajun said, “Send 2,000 alligators to Texas to secure the Rio Grands River border.”

Prayers Needed: Samantha Stroud from the Salem Church Community in Need of Blood Platelet Donation, Richard Harrison, Travis Haralson, Seth Harrison and Bonnie Ney. Our sincere condolences to the families of Carolyn May Haralson, Johnny Permenter, Mary Brooks and Jimmy Harvey in the loss of their loved ones.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle, you don’t know a thing. Always be good! “(Robin Williams)

During a recent password audit, it was discovered that a blonde was using the following password! Mickey Minnie Pluto Huey Louie Donald Duck Goofy and Sacramento. When asked why she has such a long password, she replied that she was told it had to be at least 8 characters long and include a capital letter! (For those who don’t use electronics this should have been mmphldgS).

A guy’s grandfather clock has stopped working. He called a clock repair shop to get it fixed, but they wanted $ 50 to pick it up. “I’ll bring it to you,” he said. He tied it to his back and started to go down a big hill he lived. Halfway, he slipped and hurtled down the hill into town. Just as a lady was crossing the street, he ran into her and knocked her over. Stunned and annoyed and still on the ground, she asked, “Why can’t you just wear a wristwatch like everyone else?” ”

Pray America! “The heart of the King is like a stream of water, directed by the Lord, He guides him where He wills. (Proverbs 21: 1)

Jesus, please lead our leaders! Get their hearts to desire justice, truth, and mercy. Challenge them to come back to you with all their hearts and have the hearts of the whole nation follow. Amen

Spend a week blessed by God and share it with others.

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