Restaurant staff mobilize to help colleague pay medical bills


A family restaurant has come together to help a woman who works there. Shyann Saxton was diagnosed with severe brain aneurysm last week.

Now Saxton needs medical attention. She works at 10 Twenty-Five in Cape Coral. His colleagues are now mobilizing to raise funds to help him pay his medical bills.

For those who work at 10 Twenty-Five, Shyann Saxton is part of their family. She has always been there for her colleagues and their clients. So they want to do the same for her.

Chad Zollinger owns 10 Twenty Five and describes Saxton as courteous, hardworking and always has a smile on her face. “She’s a good-hearted person and you wish people were more like her,” Zollinger said.

Zollinger says Saxton is more than an employee, it’s a family. “I’ve known her since she was 15. She has worked with me and for me all this time. Now she’s 28, so it’s kind of like a girl to me, ”he said.

Last week, Saxton received a heartbreaking diagnosis. She suffers from a severe brain aneurysm which requires immediate medical attention.

“Obviously, you are afraid for someone you care about. And you just want to try to stay strong for them and help them, ”Zollinger said. As soon as he heard the news, Zollinger wanted to understand how he could help.

He plans to make sure Saxton’s working family can raise money to help pay those medical bills. “We have a small mountain to climb and we don’t know exactly how much it will cost. But no one should have to worry about the money. They should be worried about recovery and survival, ”Zollinger said.

While Shyann Saxton waits for her procedure to begin, she will continue to work. “She works really hard. And you’d never know… that she’s dealing with something like that. And therefore very courageous person. Not everyone is like that, ”Zollinger said. He believes that continuing to work will help Saxton avoid stress.

Saxton was the first person Zolligner hired when it opened. He told WINK News that since she tried her luck at his restaurant, they would always find her.

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