Remote work or office? Employees seek more say

The multinational hardware networking solutions company Cisco has conducted numerous studies related to the change created by the shift to remote working during the pandemic period.

His research on the future of work, joined by more than 10,000 employees in North America, Europe, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR), suggests that workers want may many of the conditions that have emerged in the way of working continue.

Of those polled, some 87% want more control over how and when to use office space, according to Cisco Turkey Managing Director Didem Duru.

“It shows that a blended approach and continuous transformation of the digital workspace is the best long-term strategy. In the future of businesses, every employee will be a hybrid, and they will gain the same experience whether they work at home or in the office, ”said Duru.

Work wherever you are

She noted that the company also recently released the results of the First Hybrid Work Index (HWI), a study based on millions of aggregated and anonymous customer data points.

The index provides aggregate information on employee preferences and the technology used during the hybrid shift. Scheduled to be updated quarterly, it examines how people’s habits and technological interactions have definitely reshaped work a year and a half after the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Over 61 million meetings take place worldwide each month through Cisco Webex. The number of mobile meetings soared 300% during the pandemic. About 64% of those surveyed agree that the ability to work remotely instead of entering an office directly affects their decision to stay or leave a job. On the flip side, there is also uncertainty about whether employers will realize the potential of hybrid work. Only 47% think their company will allow them to work from anywhere in the next six months to a year, ”explained Duru.

Hybrid work

All of this information, she noted, shows that hybrid work environments are permanent and that, in most cases, employees have expectations that way.

“With highly distributed teams, cybersecurity is becoming more important than ever. Employees need to be protected on every device, wherever they choose to work. This means investing in secure collaboration solutions such as Webex for file sharing and communication, as well as training staff on how to conduct responsible online interactions, ”she added.

To provide a strong first line of defense against potential threats, businesses must put security at the center of their operation, according to Duru.

“In Turkey, we see that companies are increasingly using tools that integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict threats in advance, learn from them and reduce negative effects. A new ‘era’ has begun in many areas that touch our lives, from business, education and healthcare to banking and utilities, with security, cloud systems, software and services coming to the fore. in the new era, ”she explained.

Hybrid work generates increased risks

The hybrid shift has put security at the forefront for businesses, according to Duru.

“Because employees had to do their jobs by connecting to company networks remotely. The same needs have created similar demands in educational, health and even official service institutions. At Cisco, we have developed network and cloud security systems in such a way that our services meet the demands of current conditions or even go further in accordance with software-defined policies. At the very beginning of what companies need to do in this process, in addition to updating and even transforming their infrastructure, they need to have robust and secure equipment to meet the demands of remote work and remote service. She said.

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