Remote work could lead to increase in database leaks with over 300,000 reported in 2021 / Digital Information World

The shift to remote working has been hugely popular with employees due to the fact that it’s the kind of thing that could potentially allow them to enjoy a much better work-life balance. However, an unintended consequence of this trend is that many workers keep sensitive data on systems that have not been secured with enterprise-grade technology, leading to numerous database leaks.

A team at IB Group recently unveiled 308,000 separate databases that were compromised and then exposed in 2021. About 37.5% of these databases used a management system known as Redis, suggesting there could be a number exceptionally high number of vulnerabilities, all having been considered and taken into account. . Despite this being the case, other database management systems like MongoDB and Elastic also had relatively high shares of total leaks, at 30.9% and 29.3%, respectively.

With all of that said and now dismissed, it’s important to note that MySQL had one of the lowest leak rates, accounting for just 2.3% of the total leaks detected in this report. The time taken by database owners to deal with this exposed database and secure it again was surprisingly high at the start of 2021, with most owners spending up to 170 days trying to find a solution. and implement it.

While this lead time was reduced to around 112 days in the third quarter of 2021, but 2022 has seen this lead time rapidly increase to 170 yet again. This could make it increasingly difficult for companies to convince customers to share their data. Most customers have become more receptive to data sharing, but seeing how many databases have been exposed as well as the long period of time it takes to secure the data might give them pause. After all, customers are only just beginning to change their minds about data sharing, and events like this are going to shake things up.

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