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Considerations to keep in mind

As you would expect, remote integration comes with a few considerations to take into account. 37% of teleworkers don’t feel connected to their peers, and onboarding can play an important role in making your employees feel comfortable and supported. Try to think about it from their perspective and make sure your onboarding process helps them feel like a member of the team (and the organization).

Jacky Cohen, director of human resources at global HR technology company, Topia, believes that communication is the key.

“The pandemic has really exacerbated the need for connection,” says Cohen. “As soon as the offer letter is signed, we make sure we’re in touch, whether it’s by email or phone, so people already feel like they’re part of the team.

Regular communication is also a good way to take note of how your employees feel on a daily basis. According to a in-depth study by Deloitte, well-being was the top-ranked trend even before the COVID-19 pandemic, with 80% of the nearly 9,000 respondents ranking well-being as important or very important to the success of their organization.

As they develop,

“In this context, when COVID-19 took hold, the crisis shed new light on the importance of well-being and made us aware of the consequences when well-being is put at risk. Organizations have taken swift action to redirect resources towards securing work and maintaining workers’ health: moving workers to remote working arrangements, implementing testing and contact tracing strategies for them. workers and establish new emergency medical leave, child care and senior support, and physical, mental and financial health programs.

Remote work can be a key factor in ensuring the well-being of your employees. However, when considering remote integration, keep in mind that you want a collaborative platform to make sure all your employees and managers are on the same page. It is crucial that your employees, new and old, have access to the same information both within and between departments.

Have you already set up a remote onboarding process? Ineffective virtual onboarding can lead to more than a sense of disconnection: disgruntled employees lead to lower employee retention rates and cost your organization valuable time and money.

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