“Registration ?” Office owners take inspiration from high-end hotels to thrive in the age of hybrid working

The finest and most successful hoteliers understand that they cannot survive without impeccable customer service. In these environments, the bar offers concierge-level professionalism, exclusive and personalized experiences, and premium amenities. For office building owners looking to increase occupancy, the hospitality industry is full of inspiration.

In an office building, exceptional hospitality is achieved through a seamless crossbreeding of people, amenities and technology. It should start as soon as you enter the building lobby and never stop as tenants and guests move and interact with the property.

The people and the atmosphere set the tone

Remember the days of the surly security guard who didn’t bother to greet you when signing the building’s paper register (gasp!)? No more. The lobby is a great “moment of impact”, and every interaction should be positive. Landlords and proprietors of office buildings are more frequently seeking general managers with a hospitality background. The traditional roles of security and property coordinator are being replaced with hospitality managers, guest service representatives and experienced managers to create a much more welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Many properties, like 22 Bishopsgate in London – are already managing to reach the sense of arrival in a high-end hotel. While being greeted by a lobby host, visitors will also notice the air imbued with a characteristic scent of sage and tangerine, the ambient music curated by London-based NTS radio, and the plants and greenery that purify the air.

Technology adds modern convenience

In addition to staff, technology can personalize and enhance the tenant experience. Apps like HqO offer the ability to digitally speed up the visitor registration process and much more. The tenant experience app can offer on-demand wellness services, arrange dry cleaning, call an elevator, book a conference room, or instantly connect tenants to a member of the concierge team to everything they might need to support their professional. Where private life.

Experienced property managers and innovative technology will ensure continuity in the building and provide tenants with a seamless experience as they navigate the different areas and phases of hospitality.

Spaces provide wellness-focused respite

Landlords know they need to incentivize tenants to choose the office experience over the comforts of working from home. Wellness and leisure amenities that might be encountered while on vacation are the ticket. As visitors move beyond the lobby, these high-quality amenities will make them want to stay.

According JLL Search, by 2025, properties that incorporate a diverse list of amenities will experience 12% higher demand from tenants compared to their mainstream counterparts. But who does it well?

What was once the largest post office in the world is a shining example of the impact amenities can have on the success of an office building. Now aptly named The old post, this 2.5 million square foot building in Chicago sat abandoned for decades, but has become one of the nation’s most significant adaptive reuse projects. The real star of this $800 million redevelopment is “The Meadow” – a 3.5-acre rooftop with a quarter-mile track; bar and pavilion heated three seasons; full basketball court; heated paddle tennis courts; and landscaping that includes more than 40,000 plants and trees of 58 varieties. But the offer does not stop there. A huge fitness center with a boxing ring, a ten-restaurant food hall, a luxurious cocktail reception hall, and a huge patio overlooking the Chicago River add to the building’s unique experience.

Since opening in 2021, the property is nearly 98% leased to many prime tenants like Walgreens, Ferrara Candy Company, PepsiCo, and Uber.

Stock traders or startups? The audience matters.

When looking to add or adapt construction equipment, the types of equipment offered require consideration of the mix and preferences of current or potential tenants.

If renters are white-collar, suit-and-tie professionals, amenities can lean toward traditional concierge-style offerings, like private events on rooftop lounges, on-site spa services, or assistance with shopping. catch that elusive restaurant reservation. A new trend that is attracting attention is access to a private, paid package of total wellness that includes high-end medical, fitness, beauty and nutrition needs on-site. Want to see a chiropractor, get Botox from a renowned plastic surgeon, take a Pilates class, or try a world-class meal concocted by a chef? Everything is possible at the office with your membership.

For tenants who prioritize creating places over exclusivity, dynamic and healthy environments that make life easier for employees can be in order. QR code take-out cafes and on-site health clinics are great options to simplify their workdays, giving them more time to collaborate with peers and maintain productivity.

Relationships rule

Not so long ago, experiential initiatives would have been unheard of in commercial real estate. A “B-” cafeteria and basic fitness room would be about as amenity-rich as an experience a tenant could hope for. However, as the workplace continues to adapt to the demands of a more experience-seeking generation, property managers will continue to be on the front lines of driving tenant engagement. Those who can efficiently provide on-demand spaces and services, such as a five-star hotel, will increase tenant satisfaction and occupancy. But remember that the benefits of an office building and its amenities are only effective if they inspire meaningful relationships between people and places.

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