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Many have thrived working remotely while others have struggled to adjust to endless back-to-back Zoom meetings. For women, the remote office brings efficiency and at the same time more availability to devote to work. Therefore, adjusting to the new normal manifested new mental health and well-being issues.

There has been a massive exodus of lawyers leaving law firms. Lawyers experience anxiety, isolation and disengagement. McKinsey & Co. cites discontent and disconnection as the main reason lawyers leave the firm.

It has become evident that nobody’s job is safe in this new normal workplace. The pandemic has made things extremely hard for women. Many female lawyers lost their jobs and others struggled to stay in the firm.

An annual study by (McKinsey & Co. | Women in the Workplace) reports that top-performing women are 1.5 times more likely than top-level men to consider downgrading their careers or leaving the workplace altogether. labor market due to COVID-19. Three in four cite “burnout” as the reason. Additionally, the burden of care fell on mothers with children during the pandemic.

It’s so new, many companies understand that virtual work is not particularly conducive to assimilation. Working remotely has created challenges in maintaining an inclusive workplace that has failed to meet the real needs of lawyers. To avoid the increase in turnover, companies have spent money on the problem.

The key is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. To improve engagement, companies are now offering perks like extra time off as well as digital snack boxes and weekly virtual massages.

In order to retain and recruit the best talent, law firms must offer pay equity with opportunities for success. Now is the perfect time for women to negotiate favorable conditions when they re-enter the workforce.

The willingness of law firms to offer flexible terms opens the door to new opportunities. Hybrid work is ideal for women who balance raising their families and meeting the demands of the law firm.

Women want personally meaningful work that connects their values, purpose, and work-life balance. When negotiating terms, women want flexible hours with guaranteed advancement once measurable benchmarks are met.

Don’t get left behind. Realize that in order to thrive in this new normal, you will have to show up at the office or you will be left behind. Make the most of your time at the office. Do home legal work, use office meetings and social gatherings to connect with people.

Work with a recruiter. When negotiating terms, look for how engaged staff are. Ask if there really is a flexible workplace where remote working is really part of the company culture.

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