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MONTEREY COUNTY – The Monterey County Administrative Office has announced the hiring of Nicholas M. Pasculli as County Communications Manager.

Pasculli, who takes office Feb. 14, will direct county communications programs and advise the County Board of Supervisors and Administrative Officer on the formulation, strategic development, implementation and evaluation of communications programs. county, community and government relations, crisis management activities and media relations.

A key part of his responsibilities will be to develop and implement a plan to coordinate and integrate all means of county communication and serve as the primary spokesperson on county-wide issues.

Prior to his selection as county communications director, Pasculli served as president of TMD Creative, a Salinas-based company providing marketing, communications, and creative services to businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. He has also held positions with the American Red Cross, ITT World Communications, Bank of New York, Bank of Salinas, Tanimura & Antle, Naturipe Berry Growers and D’Arrigo Brothers.

Pasculli holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University Fresno and a master’s degree from Loyola University. Additionally, he is a graduate of Salinas Valley Leadership, Cornell University Leadership Program, and California Agricultural Leadership Program.

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