Online accounting firm adds 100 jobs with option for remote work

Accountant Online is recruiting for tech and accounting jobs, with remote and hybrid work options for everyone.

Online accounting firm Accountant Online will create 100 new tech and accounting jobs over the next four years, tripling its workforce in Ireland.

Accountant Online currently employs 51 people. It has offices in Dublin, Derry and Letterkenny, as well as remote workers in Ireland and abroad.

The company was already practicing a remote work model before the Covid-19 pandemic, with all staff having the option of working remotely. The new jobs announced will also include remote and hybrid work options for everyone.

These skilled jobs will cover technology as well as accounting, while support staff will also be recruited into the team.

This expansion will bring Accountant Online’s workforce to 150 by early 2026.

Founded in 2015, the company currently has more than 2,000 clients, mainly in the areas of technology, software and consulting. She provides financial and business services and last year was named Practice of the Year at the Irish Accountancy Awards.

“When I started the business, the accounting industry was still at a very traditional stage,” said Larissa Feeney, Founder and CEO. “While there has been a lot of digital transformation in the industry, there is still a lot more room for customers to benefit from more innovation and digitalization. “

With technology already at its core, Accountant Online has been able to capitalize on the recent acceleration of digital transformation across all industries. “The dramatic advancements in CRM and cloud technologies also allow us to serve our clients very well and more efficiently than traditional accounting practice methods,” added Feeney.

Accountant Online uses automation and AI to optimize their processes and efficiently use their team’s time. Its current growth is being driven by the increased adoption of digital services as Irish businesses become more confident in doing their business entirely online.

The company saw a 45% increase in revenue during the pandemic and is on track to reach 3 million euros for the year ending March 2022. It now expects further increases to 10 million euros. euros by 2026.

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