Motorola launches remote work-oriented smartphone

The way we work has changed and continues to evolve – now, with remote and hybrid working slowly replacing traditional offices, companies need to figure out how to provide their employees with all the tools they need to work effectively, no matter where they are. find. located.

One of the companies that has paid attention to this changing trend is Motorola, which launched the Motorola Edge 20 and alongside it the Motorola Edge 20 Lite Business Edition, which were created in partnership with Lenovo.

The Business Edition has a 6.7-inch Max Vision display with HDR10 technology and OLED display. It has a 144Hz refresh rate and a 5,000mAh battery. The battery can be charged via the 30W Turbo Power feature in 10 minutes, which the company says gives you around 12 hours of battery life.

Under the hood, it hosts a Snapdragon 778G chipset with 55% faster graphics and twice the performance without using AI features. Computing has 128 GB of built-in storage and is compatible with Wi-Fi 6E

The device includes the ThinkShield mobile phone system, an extension of Lenovo’s ThinkShield portfolio for business customers. ThinkShield for mobile devices is able to protect devices against malware, phishing and other common network attacks that businesses face today with artificial intelligence-based defense solutions. With ongoing management and contactless enrollment, users can easily add and control devices.

On top of that, Motorola went one step further and also partnered with Zimperium, a global leader in mobile security. This allowed ThinkShield Device Platform to use machine-based real-time protection to monitor device behavior and provide comprehensive security.

Both devices are 5G enabled, which means employers and employees will be able to connect without delay.

The Business Edition also allows employees to connect their phone and all of its applications wirelessly to an external monitor for the ultimate PC experience. With the Ready for PC function, they can create a workspace with a clear view of multiple windows at once, which allows them to write and send emails faster, edit documents, photos and videos or even make video calls much more easily.

The device allows users to switch between devices without having to constantly unlock their phone and worry about how to share files in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, for those who are self-employed or freelance, it seems that so far at least the smartphone is not intended for individual sale and that Motorola intends to sell them en masse, rather. ‘to businesses.
But who knows? Perhaps they will work on another model in the series that can also offer regular users at least some of the features mentioned above.

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Motorola launches remote work-oriented smartphone

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