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Governor Youngkin, AG Miyares signs to support Mississippi’s position before SCOTUS.

Following the inauguration of new Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin and the swearing in of new Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares in Virginia, the state has reversed its position in the Mississippi 15-week abortion case being considered by the United States Supreme Court and has now filed in support of Mississippi’s position.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, center, Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears, left, and Attorney General Jason Miyares, second from right, at the Capitol Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, in Richmond, Va. ( AP Photo/Steve Helber)

On Monday, the Washington Examiner reported that Virginia Solicitor General Andrew Ferguson sent a letter to the Supreme Court citing a “change in administration” and supporting the argument that the US Constitution is silent on abortion and should therefore be left to states to decide how to regulate it.

“Virginia is now of the view that the Constitution is silent on the issue of abortion, and therefore it is for the citizens of the various states to determine the legal status and regulatory treatment of abortion,” wrote Friday. Solicitor General Ferguson.

Ferguson told the court that the state no longer adheres to the arguments contained in its previous brief.

Virginia is now urging the Court to get out of the realm of abortion, echoing the words of former judge Antonin Scalia.

“Abortion is one of the most controversial political issues today. This debate has not been improved by the Court’s constitutionalization of the issue in Roe, nor by its jurisprudence since,” Virginia’s letter notes, adding, “Judge Scalia’s view that the Court ‘should step outside of this area, where [it] Ha[s] not allowed to be, and where [it] To do[es] no more [it]salt[f] nor the country any good staying,” has only gotten better with age.

Former Virginia Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring previously signed a brief with 24 state attorneys general urging the Court to uphold Roe vs. Wade.

Virginia’s new position was good news for Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves and Attorney General Lynn Fitch. Both have been strong advocates of the pro-life position and state rights in the area of ​​abortion regulation.

Governor Tate Reeves

Governor Reeves told Y’all Politics he appreciates his colleague’s support in the case as they fight to protect the unborn child.

“Mississippi appreciates the support of newly-elected Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin in recognizing the importance of this case to the Supreme Court,” Governor Reeves said Monday evening. “It is important now more than ever that we stand together to protect the rights of those who cannot protect themselves.”

Attorney General Fitch thanked his new Virginia counterpart for his letter joining the coalition of states and pro-life organizations seeking to uphold Mississippi’s right to “empower women and promote life.” Her office defended the 15-week abortion ban in court in December.

Attorney General Lynn Fitch

“We are very grateful for the thoughtful arguments that General Miyares and his office presented to the Supreme Court in their letter joining our coalition in Dobbs vs. JWHO. Nearly 80 amicus briefs, representing a wide variety of legal, ethical, scientific, medical and political opinions, have been filed with the Court in support of our position,” AG Fitch told Y’all Politics. Monday afternoon.

Fitch said “it’s high time” to reverse deer and Casey.

“Virginia’s letter demonstrates the power of our message that we can empower women and promote life,” added AG Fitch. “It is time for the Court to free the people and their elected leaders to do both.”

A court decision could come in early summer 2022.

You can read the full letter to the United States Supreme Court from the new Republican administration in Virginia here or below.

Virginia SCOTUS Letter Re MS 15 Week Abortion Case by yallpolitics on Scribd

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