Midsize IT companies are forced to move to where the talent is – small towns

Caught between massive poaching by the big brothers and employees reluctant to return to work in the big cities, the small software houses are settling in the small towns. In a way, they are bringing work closer to where their employees are, because their previous attempts to get them to work have met with resistance, and if forced, they stop contributing to the work. high churn.

This is especially true in Tamil Nadu where the state produces nearly four lakh engineering graduates annually from over 500 colleges, making it the largest contributor of talent to the IT sector.

Ramco Systems sets up a center in Madurai; Access Healthcare is planning a center in Madurai and 3i Infotech is setting up a center of excellence in Tirunelveli.

Staffing and Recruiting

Ramco Chief Operating Officer Sandesh Bilagi recently said Activity area that the company plans to start the center in Madurai over the reluctance of employees to return to Chennai. If they are forced, they give up. It plans to hire around 250 employees in the temple city, surrounded by numerous engineering schools.

Asked about the move to smaller towns, Vardhman Jain, Vice President of Access Healthcare, said: “Partly, yes. But in our case, it’s just the rate of growth. We have doubled the workforce in 15 months. Although Chennai is an anchor for us, we believe accelerated growth is possible if there is wider access,” he added.

3i Infotech Center of Excellence in Tirunelveli

Managing Director and Global CEO of 3i Infotech, Thompson Gnanam said that Tirunelveli has several engineering institutions and has established itself as a hub for high-tech education in South India, making it makes an optimal location for the campus installation.

There are many examples of employees refusing to return to Work From Office mode. Some who have moved to their home country try to “work from anywhere”. They don’t want to go back to the cities, said Sunil Chemmankotil, specialist personnel manager, TeamLease Digital, part of recruitment firm TeamLease.

“Employees should not go to work, but jobs should be brought to people. Teamlease Digital is also working on talent availability in emerging locations. Given the number of cities and the state of their infrastructure, it is best to move to this model and it is the fastest way to add more cities because jobs lead to growth,” he said. -he declares. Businesses moving to smaller towns will drive inclusive growth. He added that opening up more jobs for businesses that locate there is the easiest route to adding more cities.

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July 17, 2022

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