Microsoft introduces Loop to strengthen remote collaborative work

Microsoft Corp. today Buckle revealed, a new “flexible board” collaborative application added to Microsoft 365 that allows remote teams to synchronize their work between applications.

Built on Microsoft’s Fluid Framework, Loop allows teams to synchronize their work across multiple applications in a single pane and easily stay in touch without needing to switch contexts. They can organize everything collaboratively in a single document space.

All Loop components are treated as building blocks that allow teams to function directly from discussions, meetings, emails, documents, etc. As a result, nothing collaborative is lost – and best of all, whatever the team was working on can be copied and moved to other documents to continue the project.

Each component is dynamic and powered by JavaScript and services that can keep it in sync within the team and with the databases. Whenever something changes in a component, it is automatically synced across all documents at the same time, for all participants, no one is left behind.

The current complex components of Loop include voting tables that make it easy for teams to think things through, reach consensus, and get to work faster. There’s also status tracking, which will help teams bring team information together in one place, track project progress, and maintain an up-to-date view across the team.

Using Loop components, team members can interact together from different applications at the same time and without disruption. This means that a note from OneNote can be inserted next to an email from Outlook and both can be updated in real time by their authors during a collaborative discussion.

Loop also provides two types of project spaces called Loop Pages and Loop Workspaces. Loop Pages are a flexible and endless canvas where teams can organize components and add whatever the team needs to maintain links, files, or data. Loop workspaces are shared spaces that allow a team to bring together everything that is important to a project in one place so they can have a quick glance and react to the ideas of others and keep track of them. progress.

Loop’s capabilities are designed to cover all sets of Microsoft 365 apps, including Outlook, Teams, and OneNote, and will be available in those apps later this month. The standalone Loop app itself will be available sometime in 2022.

Images: Microsoft

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