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“Where there is a will, there is a way. This saying goes very well with Asha Kandara of Jodhpur who proved her courage by coming out of her misery to become an agent of the administrative services of Rajasthan.

What sets Kandara apart from the rest is that she worked as a sweeper at the Jodhpur Municipal Corporation before its current achievement. The 40-year-old is a single mother of two, who was abandoned by her husband eight years ago.

Asha kandara

Kandara decided to continue her education, a few years after separating from her husband and graduating in 2016. During this time, she lives with her father, Rajendra Kandara, a retired accountant at Food Corporation of India. She always dreamed of becoming financially independent and raising her children on her own.

“I had to go through a lot, from a broken marriage, from caste discrimination to gender bias. But I never let myself be drowned in grief and instead decided to fight. I believe if people throw stones at you, you should gather them and build a bridge. I appeared for Mains in 2019. Before the results could be reported, I got a job at the municipal corporation and accepted it. I continued to study and now the result is in front of you, ”she told PTI and NDTV.

His inspiration was his father because he was educated and knew the value of education.

“My father is educated and understands the value of education. He taught us to study and to move forward. I chose administrative services because I want to help other less privileged people like me. Education is the answer, education opens the door to opportunity, ”she said.

Its success has been widely praised. The mayor and senior officials of Jodhpur Corporation congratulated her. The RAS officer said she felt proud when she sat down with senior officials as an equal, at her congratulatory event.

“That’s what I struggled for,” she said.

Speaking about her goals as an administrative officer, she said: “I want to work to do justice to the company as an administrative officer. My effort is not only for my community, but for every victim of injustice.

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