Looking to work remotely from another country? 5 things to know first

When Covid-19 restrictions forced many employees to work from home, the ability to work from anywhere seemed to be only temporary.

Now, more than a year after the start of the pandemic, the option of continuing to work remotely is gaining popularity among employers and employees, who expect work-from-home policies to be implemented. reason for Covid-19 remain to some extent.

For U.S. workers transitioning or continuing to work remotely full-time, the opportunity to do so outside of the United States can be appealing. And countries around the world are offering workers the ability to do just that, through remote work programs.

That’s according to Remote.co, a website launched in 2016 for businesses and employees interested or already adopting remote working options. Of the 13 remote work programs the site highlights, remote locations include countries like Barbados, Dubai, and even Iceland. Similar requirements including proof of employment, minimum income threshold and proof of health insurance must be met to be eligible for all programs, but additional fees and documentation may be required as some programs vary. depending on the duration and the price.

CNBC Make It spoke with remote work expert Brie Reynolds, Career Development Manager and Coach at Remote.co to get their best advice for workers interested in these programs.

Pay attention to details

Like most applications, certain requirements may be asked of an applicant during the process which vary from program to program. For applicants wishing to apply for a remote position, it is important to follow all instructions when applying and provide all requested information.

“Each program has different requirements, so it’s important to pay attention to the details,” says Reynolds. “Submitting the same information and applications to every program just won’t work. “

For example, in the Antigua and Barbuda program, applicants must earn at least $ 50,000 per year, but for the Icelandic program, you need to earn at least $ 8,000 per month, which makes a total of $ 96,000 per year.

Check with your employer before applying

It is important to discuss with your employer the possibility of working remotely and whether participation in a specific country program is allowed. Just because the ability to work remotely is offered by an employer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that employees can work remotely from anywhere., because some employers want employees to reside in the same state or in certain regions.

“Some companies are very open about their policies for working remotely or working from anywhere, but if you are unsure of the rules of your business, it is best to find out before you go through the entire process. of the application process. “ said Reynolds.

For self-employed workers who work with clients, it is important to consider how remote working can affect your clientele and your business. Indeed, many countries offering these programs do not allow remote workers to do business in the host country.

Think about your situation at home before you go

With the option of getting away from it all, you should consider your home living conditions before committing to a destination.

“One of the biggest considerations is what you will do with your current living conditions. Will you have to pay your current rent or mortgage and for a living situation in the new country? Or could you possibly sublet or lease your usual living space while you are away? ”Says Reynolds.

Consider childcare responsibilities

While most public schools in the United States will return to class this fall, some public school systems may have some kind of continuous distance learning program for students.

If you are interested in remote working options and have school-aged children, fully online public and private schools should be considered. Some programs also offer the option of enrolling in school during your stay.

“As you would with any other major life choice, talk to your children about your plans in an age-appropriate way and allow them to have some buy-in and control over the appropriate aspects of the adventure that you’re about to live, ”Reynolds explains.

It is important to keep in mind that different programs have different lengths; you’ll want to make sure that any program you apply for will meet your professional, academic, and childcare needs.

Discuss the logistics of remote work with your employer

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