Kaohsiung Lantern Festival’s “Tiger Tail” is a hit in Taiwan

Kaohsiung, Feb. 13 (CNA) A tiger taillight has become an online sensation in Taiwan after it was launched by organizers of the 2022 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung on Feb. 1, and sold as a limited souvenir at the venues of the to celebrate the traditional festival.

The innovative item is actually a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) yellow tube-shaped balloon with black stripes like a tiger’s tail, which is worn at the waist, hanging down the back.

The “tail” can sparkle with an LED light ball on its end and will wiggle as users walk.

Since the item’s launch, it has garnered a lot of attention on the Internet and sparked a buying frenzy on several online auction and shopping platforms in Taiwan, pushing the price from NT$299 (10. 70 USD) the unit at 750 NT$.

When the Kaohsiung City Government, the main organizer of the festival, launched an online sale limited to 1,500 sets (two units in each set) on the festival’s official LINE account on February 8, the sets, priced at 500 NT$, was sold within 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, workers at the festival venues where the item is sold are bombarded daily with inquiries from interested buyers.

“We didn’t expect the tiger taillight to be so popular,” Wang Shu-ying (王舒瑩), administrative director of the Kaohsiung History Museum, told CNA on Sunday. The museum is the merchandise developer for the Kaohsiung event and developed the product with Taipei-based Afterain Design Studio.

The city government is currently negotiating with manufacturers on whether to increase the distribution amount of the item at the two main festival sites, Wang said.

Taiwan Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung is held at Love River Bay and National Arts Center in Kaohsiung (Weiwuying) from February 1 to 28.

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