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Driven by a love of the Apple platform, Jamf Pro was developed to help businesses succeed by providing a mobile device management (MDM) solution for Apple devices.

Originally founded in 2002 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Jamf received a $30 million investment from Summit Partners and has more than 2,000 employees. Now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jamf helps manage more than 26 million Apple devices for 60,000 customers worldwide.

See below for all about Jamf Pro’s position in the MDM market:

Jamf and the MDM market

The mobile device management market is well saturated, with a considerable number of competitors vying for their share.

Given Jamf Pro’s choice to specialize, they are one of the leaders in MDM for Apple devices. Their most comparable competitor is Kandji, another Apple MDM provider.

Jamf Pro Features

Hands-off deployment

  • Automatically deploy tens, hundreds or thousands of Apple devices, with settings, security controls, apps and books
  • Jamf Pro works with Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager
  • Ship hardware directly to the end user, ready to power up
  • The platform operates with bring your own device (BYOD) policies
  • Provision apps based on employee credentials

Device management

  • Support and management of Apple devices after deployment
  • Jamf is committed to providing same-day support for all new Apple operating systems (OS)

Application lifecycle management

  • Automatically install and update apps
  • Jamf Pro allows custom applications developed by or for your organization
  • Applications are self-service


  • Track hardware data including device types, models, names, serial numbers, unique device identifiers (UDID), and battery levels
  • Store security information including encryption status, system configurations, software restrictions, and jailbreak detection
  • Store records management data including managed status, supervised status, IP address and enrollment method
  • Store software data including OS version, installed apps, app versions and storage capacity
  • Track additional data, such as installed profiles, installed certificates, purchase information, and Activation Lock status

Self service

  • Organize a catalog of personalized and branded self-service options for your organization
  • Allow user groups to request specific apps
  • Identify users or groups who can submit application requests
  • Assign users who can approve requested apps
  • Other self-service resources include bookmarks, shortcuts, e-books, guides, videos, printer mapping and drivers, email and VPN setup, the ability to allow or require single sign-on (SSO), basic maintenance, troubleshooting, and system diagnostics.


  • Patch management and deployment services are available
  • Monitor and prevent malware threats
  • Integrate with identify suppliers
  • Provide aggregated device logs
  • Provide device status reports
  • Configure and distribute device settings, such as VPN profiles and FileVault 2 disk encryption
  • Control restricted apps
  • Set policies to ensure devices meet security requirements
  • Enforce password policies


Integrate Jamf Pro with existing IT services and technologies, including:

  • Apple business manager
  • Apple School Leader
  • Cisco ISE, Security Connector, and Fast Lane
  • Conditional Access for Mac
  • Active Directory
  • SCCM
  • Apis

Additional iPad apps complement use in business and education:

  • Jamf Setup
  • Jamf Reset
  • Parent Jamf Pro
  • Jamf Pro Teacher

Use case

National geographic

When one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions needed a complete Apple device management solution, National geographic turned to Jamf Pro. With more than 90% of employees choosing iOS devices, IT needed to provide support to reporters and photographers in the field as often as office staff at their headquarters.

At the time of deployment, National Geographic needed to manage more than 1,000 macOS devices and 550 iOS devices, with scalability for installing Apple TV across the organization. Previous cross-platform tools were better suited to PC management, falling short of Apple’s management requirements.

After implementation, the organization enjoys flexible management and reliable security with all of their Apple devices.

“With Jamf Pro, our journalists and employees spend less time worrying about technology and more time focusing on our mission to inspire people to care about the planet,” said Jehan Aziz, Apple Services Manager , National Geographic.

National Geographic selected Jamf Pro based on the following criteria:

  • It gives journalists and employees the Apple devices they want, with the tools they need to be productive
  • It allows the installation of all new versions of the Apple operating system, with a schedule determined by users
  • Employees can patch software when and where they need it
  • It offers administration tools for customizable configurations, profiles and settings
  • Jamf Pro ensures devices are encrypted, securing sensitive information
  • IT staff can provide remote wipe capabilities for lost or stolen devices
  • Jamf Pro is backed by the Jamf community and support team

There are several other examples of how companies are using the features provided by Jamf Pro:

  • SAP uses Jamf Pro to manage more than 24,000 Macs, 16,000 iPads, 67,000 iPhones, and 230 Apple TVs
  • GOAT, a platform for buying classic and rare sneakersuses Jamf Pro to manage over 1,000 macOS and iOS devices
  • The European luxury brand Rituals uses Jamf Pro for its 650 MacBooks, 700 iPads, 650 iPhones and 1,500 iPods
  • Oxford University uses Jamf Pro to manage its inventory of Apple devices


For businesses looking to scale as their needs change, without the headaches of maintaining the required infrastructure, choose the option Jamf Pro MDM servers in the cloud – including disaster recovery, daily backups with 30-day retention, service monitoring and guaranteed 99% server uptime.

In an effort to support the growing number of employees working from home and remotely, Jamf has added BYOD support to Jamf Pro. Given the need to separate personal data from company data and ensure the privacy of each user, this feature only allows IT to manage company information. By eliminating the need to purchase additional, redundant devices for employees, the cost savings are immediate.

To provide additional assistance to customers, Jamf has an extensive library of white papers that cover topics such as “Apple Admin Scripts for Beginners”, “Single Sign-On and Authentication for Beginners”, “Steps to Complete Microsoft Enterprise Compliance” and “8 Essential Strategies to Mitigate Cybersecurity Incidents.” These materials elevate Jamf to the rank of advisors.

User reviews

Jamf Pro reviews are consistently high, often with praise for their support options, including having active online communities.


Subscription plans for Jamf Pro are available in two configurations, billed annually:

  • $3.33 per device per month for iOS, iPadOS and tvOS
  • $7.17 per device per month for macOS

All subscriptions include workflows to automate deployment and management, access and flexibility to customize macOS scripts, and an on-demand portal to reduce help tickets.


Jamf Pro delivers on its promise of centralized management of Apple devices without compromising on features or functionality.

Automating common IT tasks such as deployment and software updates will reduce the number of service tickets and support requests, which will lower costs and make users happier.

Additionally, value-added features such as content personalization and personalized branding allow users to identify, trust and rely on the MDM solution.

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