Israeli Economy Minister urges remote work amid Covid wave

“Together, we call on employers, in view of the spread of omicron, to favor remote work where possible”

Israel’s Economy Minister Orna Barbivai has called on companies to allow their employees to work remotely as the country battles the surge in Covid infections.

The minister made the announcement following talks with Arnon Bar-David – chairman of Histadrut, Israel’s largest union – on Sunday.

“The government is pursuing a policy of (preserving) the economy alongside Covid with the least possible damage to businesses and workers,” said the official, according to a press release published on the Histadrut website.

“I spoke with Histadrut President Arnon Bar-David and together we call on employers, given the spread of omicron, to prioritize remote work wherever possible.

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The president echoed his support for remote work options for employees given the wide spread of the virus in Israel.

“This is a time when we all need to be responsible and creative in the face of the difficult wave that is hitting us,” said Bar-David.

“I call on employers to protect their health and that of employees, and not to wait for an official decision.”

Israel’s health ministry recorded 17,516 new Covid infections on Sunday, with test positivity rates reaching 11.71%.

The country’s health experts now predict that two to three million Israelis could be infected with the omicron variant as cases increase.

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