InDemand, Ryan Jaten’s Best-Selling Book, Opens the Door to Remote Working

How to Develop the Most In-Demand Skillset in the New Global Economy

The downturn in the economy has created a movement of people looking to learn new skills that they can use to land remote jobs. Traditionally, when people want to learn new skills, they think going back to school is the only option. Well, it’s not 1972! The old myth that the only good paying jobs are for people with college degrees has expired and has now been replaced by new alternatives.

Going back to college for a working adult over 30 is not a viable option. Unless you want to commit to 10+ years of study and have to go into $30,000 in debt, it’s your idea to have a good time! The new way to move forward without falling back with debt is to enroll in a micro-education program that teaches a very specific skill that can be used for employment or contract work within a reasonable time and cost.

Ryan Jaten announces his 10-week training course for remote work called The J10 Effect. The training teaches highly lucrative skills in less than 12 weeks. Ryan’s best-selling In-Demand, is a story/training guide that walks the reader through the ups and downs, the ins and outs of life as a full-time sales professional. InDemand is the entry point for someone to learn the lucrative skill of selling products, without selling your soul.

Working from home has reached the stage of proliferation in our global economy. The residual effects of the covid-19 pandemic have forced companies to implement the work from home option. Now is a great time to learn the skills of selling, mainly because working remotely is very conducive to being a salesperson.

A study recently published in the Harvard Business Review showed that out of 7,000 professionals surveyed, 40% of their time was spent on sales, regardless of their job title. Learning the art and science of selling has an impact on all areas of a business.

Currently, there are over 100,000 openings for remote sellers in the United States. Most of these jobs pay very well. To learn more about this article and the training, visit

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