Images from Ukraine sent to Manitoba connections show wartime living conditions

Photos of friends and family in war-torn Ukraine are pouring into the local Ukrainian community. In less than a week, their lives were turned upside down when Vladimir Putin gave the order to attack Ukraine with bombs and tanks.

Borsch Ukrainian Club leader and Ukrainian Canadian Congresswoman Yevgeniya Tatarenko of Morden shared her reaction to seeing the photos she received from friends and family.

“Seeing these photos from people I know or friends of my friends, and understanding that this is the horrible reality that my family and friends are facing today is amazing even to accept, heartbreaking and heartbreaking. “, Tatarenko said. “These Russian tanks are real! These are the distractions brought to my homeland and innocent Ukrainians! But seeing how my Ukraine stands, fights, controls its territory and sees how Ukrainians are united and fight together, give blood…is so empowering, so empowering, so incredibly powerful!”

Europe is facing a massive new migration crisis due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Ca…

Tatarenko hopes the fighting will end soon.

“It is horrific to see how innocent civilians are struggling, dying and facing a damaging reality! I pray for a speedy end to the war with victory for Ukraine and its allies,” she said.

All photos below have been submitted and come from people connected to the Pembina Valley Ukrainian community.

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