iCreditWorks announces the addition of the TrueZERO% installment loan to its broad point-of-sale product suite

“Today’s consumers demand simple, responsible and transparent credit products,” says Stephen E SweeneyChairman and Founder of iCreditWorks. “Many deferred interest products are misunderstood by consumers and we are committed to providing a better financing experience. TrueZERO% is a transparent 0% interest rate product that is setting the new standard in consumer lending.”

The TrueZERO% installment loan offers consumers a clear path to repayment and is unique in a market where deferred interest and revolver loan products are widespread. By selecting a TrueZERO% installment loan, a consumer’s principal loan amount is simply split into 12 equal monthly installments with no accrual.

“TrueZERO% represents the continued expansion of point-of-sale products offered through the iCreditWorks platform,” says Cristian Mandachescu, Chief Risk Officer. “We are committed to empowering consumers to say ‘YES’ to their treatment and provide access to a range of installment loan products to help everyone find an ideal, affordable financing option.”

The TrueZERO% installment loan product is offered by all healthcare providers participating in the iCreditWorks loan program. TrueZERO% represents the latest addition to the lending products offered by iCreditWorks, which also includes standard installment loans and up to ‘interest-free’ incentive loans $20,000. iCreditWorks believes in responsible lending and only provides access to affordable financing options that allow consumers to pay for the care they deserve.

*All loans issued by WebBank, a member of the FDIC.

About iCreditWorks
iCreditWorks leverages innovative technology and mobility to deliver an omnichannel platform experience that provides access to a wide range of point-of-sale (POS) financing products and empowers consumers to take control of their financing. The first-of-its-kind native iCreditWorks mobile app offers a simple, seamless, and secure financing experience that is redefining the consumer journey.

To learn more about the company, please visit www.icreditworks.com.

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