How to Delete Your Monday Work Management Account

Learn how to delete your monday work management account and how to manage your stored project data after deletion.

Image: Adobe Stock is a popular project management tool used by teams around the world. But sometimes these teams or members need to close their accounts.

Whether it’s to upgrade to a new project management suite or because Monday was only needed for a temporary project, closing an account is quick and easy.

Below, we’ll take a look at all of the steps required to close your monday work management account.

Deleting my monday account via the web

To get started, you’ll want to open your work Monday management account through a web browser. You will only be able to delete an account via the web interface. Deleting an account through the monday app is currently not supported.

Once logged into your account you will want to click on your profile picture which will bring up a drop down menu (Figure A).

Figure A

Screenshot of the menu.
Click on your avatar or profile picture. Picture: Monday

In this menu, click on the Admin option down (Fig.B).

Figure B

Screenshot of the Monday menu.
Click Administrator. Picture: Monday

Just a note, deleting a work Monday management account is only available to administrators or those with administrator privileges. If you are not an administrator and need to delete your account, contact a member of your team who can assign the task to the appropriate administrator.

After clicking on the Admin option, a new page will load.

In the menu on the left of this new page, select the Billing option (Fig.C).

Figure C

monday menu screenshot billing.
Select Billing from the left menu. Picture: Monday

Your billing information will then appear on the right side of the screen. Scroll down and click Close My Account which will be in red text (Figure D).

Figure D

Close the account menu on Monday.
Click close my account. Picture: Monday

This will bring up the undo dialog. The screen will ask you to enter a reason for cancellation. You can select a reason or choose to skip this part if you wish. Then just confirm the deletion of the account (Figure E).

Figure E

Confirmation of account closure on Monday.
Confirm that you want to close the account. Picture: Monday

Options to freeze your data after deleting your monday account

After the previous steps, you have the option to suspend your account for up to 90 days. You will not have access to the account during this period, but your data will be retained if you plan to return. In addition, your subscription is also suspended, so you will not continue to pay during this freezing period.

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Finalize the deletion of your monday work account

If you chose not to freeze your account, then monday will ask you to cancel your subscription renewal with the account. Click on the Cancel Plan Renewal option which will take you to the last page of the process (Figure F).

Figure F

Confirmation of account closure on Monday.
Last chance to change your mind or delete your data. Picture: Monday

This is your last chance to change your mind during the cancellation process.

Monday will give you the choice to reopen your account. If you choose, nothing will change and everything will work as before you started this process.

The next option is to choose Delete my account data (Figure G). Selecting this option will delete all data linked to your account and it will not be available even if you re-subscribe under the same name and information.


Option to choose if you want to permanently delete your data.
Choose whether you want to permanently delete your data. Picture: Monday

If you do not choose to delete your data at this point, monday unofficially retains your data indefinitely should you choose to return. But it is unofficial and there is no guarantee as to how long the data will be kept.

To initiate this data retention, simply close the page displayed in Figure E and your account will be cancelled, but your data will be retained if you choose to renew the service. This part is a little tricky because you don’t have to select either of the two options on the confirmation page to complete the removal process. So make sure you don’t choose Delete my account data unless you’re sure you want to.

On a monthly subscription, if you choose to delete your data, you will still have access to the account until your next billing date. Annual plans are handled differently and we’ll explain them below and how they relate to closing your monday account.

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Prorated refunds when deleting your monday account

No refunds are given for any unused amount of unused monthly subscription fees after cancellation.

Annual plans offer a refund option, but this must be within 30 days of the start of annual billing.

When you choose a refund after canceling an annual plan, the cancellation will take effect immediately and you will not have access once confirmed.

In the event of cancellation, the refund process on annual plans is automatic if those accounts are within the 30-day window. You do not need to contact support or to initiate the refund.

If you’re outside the 30-day window, you can still cancel, but your account will be active until the next annual billing date. You will also still have access until that date, unless you chose to delete all data during the cancellation process.

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