Google wants caterpillars, birds and bees to attract the next generation of workers to ‘biophile’ New York offices

  • Google expands its presence in New York with the Purchase of $ 2.1 billion (approximately R32 billion) from the St. John’s terminal.
  • The “biophile” office has welcomed birds, bees and a “resident praying mantis” into space.
  • Its green layout is focused on “recruiting and retaining talent,” said the architect of the office. FT.
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Google Redefines Office Perks, From Nap Pods To Birds, Bees, Caterpillars And A “Resident Praying Mantis,” According To A Tuesday Financial Times report.

The tech giant is betting big that the next generation of talent will prefer to work in person at its $ 2.1 billion (roughly R32 billion) campus in Manhattan – one of the most expensive sales of a building in US history offices.

Rick Cook, the workspace architect, intentionally designed the imposing office building known as St. John’s Terminal with the natural surroundings in mind. He calls it “biophile,” a term that sums up the human tendency to seek connections with nature.

Cook’s office designs go beyond the millennial obsession with houseplants. From the 74-kilogram honey crop to in-house environmentalists, Google is going all out.

“Make no mistake about it all about recruiting and retaining talent,” Cook told FT’s Joshua Chaffin. “People are going to walk around and say, ‘Do I want to be in this glass and steel tower or this awesome Google building?’”

Google has long been a supporter of the power of desktop perks and creative desktop space conversions. The company has converted several unusual spaces in offices around the world, including a old aircraft hangar, a former vodka factory, and two former Nabisco factories.

Googleplex, the main Mountain View campus, added 31,276 square feet of themed amenity space in 2019 that includes three cafes, a fitness center, and production history-themed rest areas. of salt in the area.

“The St. John’s terminal is an old freight facility that is being reinvented into a highly sustainable, adaptable and connected building,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “Its biophilic design connecting people more closely to nature will add plenty of outdoor space and reconnect the Hudson Square neighborhood to the waterfront. The building will also offset 100% of its carbon in support of Google’s ambitious goals for carbon. “

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