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David Schroeter wears another hat with the Fort St. James District.

The Managing Director was appointed as Managing Director at a regular meeting of the board held on Tuesday, January 25.

Although a previous job posting failed to provide the district with qualified applicants with local government experience, Schroeter said they were advertising for an assistant general manager.

“Because we chose to hire a deputy corporate officer because there were no required candidates at the corporate officer level, the internal decision was that someone had to hold that title and position,” said Schroeter.

“As the deputy couldn’t fill all of those roles, the only person with that experience and background was me, unfortunately.”

Schroeter has been in the district since May 2018 after receiving a local government internship through the Northern Development Initiative Trust.

Previously, Luke Charlton held the corporate executive title, who left for Gold River on Vancouver Island early last month.

“We will have someone who will take the assistant general manager position, hopefully in the next stage here and take on a lot of those responsibilities of the general manager position under my supervision as a statutory role,” Schroeter said. .

“I think we have a very good chance because Fort St. James is an amazing community.”

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