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Tucked behind the Catholic Financial Life Building on 11th Street, was once the Xi-Xi chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity at Marquette University. While the two Greek letters “Kappa” and “Sigma” adorned the facade of 11th Street of the Brotherhood House, the facade of the building now has a giant “for sale” sign.

The Supreme Executive Committee of the Kappa Sigma Brotherhood expelled the Marquette Chapter on October 30. Chapter members and alumni received a letter on November 2 informing them of the immediate expulsion from campus.

“All undergraduate chapter members are expelled and all appointments are released,” said the letter from Chad Gebhardt, executive director of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.

The Kappa Sigma Executive Committee acts as the governing body of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. It is made up of the most senior positions within the fellowship as a whole.

As to the reason for the eviction, “serious financial delinquency” of $ 21,810, “abusive conduct” and a violation of the constitution, rules and statutes of the fraternity were listed in the letter.

Kappa Sigma has previously had violations with the university. In 2017 and 2019, the chapter was found to violate the university’s alcohol policy. The Chapter’s 2019 suspension was lifted in early 2021.

Former president of the Marquette section and senior of the College of Arts and Sciences, Samuel Nennig, said the COVID-19 pandemic had particularly affected them.

“COVID was the main contributor to the debt,” Nennig said. “We were billed when we couldn’t function. “

Senior in the College of Business Administration, William Nelson came to Marquette with the hope that Greek life was not great. However, after joining his roommate during peak season in his freshman year, Nelson turned to Marquette’s chapter of Kappa Sigma.

“(I) connected with the guys instantly. Everyone was very welcoming and cared for me on a personal level, I knew I had to be a part of the fellowship, ”said Nelson of the first meeting with the Marquette chapter.

As Nelson did not officially rush at the time, he never initially received an official offer from the Chapter. Yet while it seemed impossible to join the fraternity, Nelson still got a chance to join.

“(Kappa Sigma) cared enough that they would speak to the president of the (Interfraternity Council) and give me special permission to rush anyway, it showed me a lot about their character,” Nelson said.

Nelson still feels a sense of camaraderie, despite the Fellowship’s withdrawal from the Marquette campus.

“The fellowship guys represent the world to me,” Nelson said. “The organization itself is just a title, but each member shares a friendship and bond, I would say, is similar to people who played track and field together in high school. We all support each other and not many people know what it looks like, I treasure it. “

Nelson also said he felt the fellowship was reacting “as would anyone in their situation.”

University spokesman Kevin Conway said the university is currently aware of the situation regarding Kappa Sigma’s expulsion.

“The national headquarters of the Kappa Sigma Brotherhood has informed the university of its actions regarding the Marquette chapter,” Conway said in an email. “The chapter was given a 30-day window to appeal the decision to the National Kappa Sigma Fellowship Organization.”

This story was written by Benjamin Wells. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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