Firecracker ban remains, will take action against violators: UT adviser

LEAVING NO likelihood of confusion this time around, UT adviser Dharam Pal said categorically on Monday that the use of firecrackers was banned completely in Chandigarh and any breach of this rule would result in action.

UT adviser’s announcement rose to prominence as Diwali was around the corner and the administration did not want a repeat of the post-Dussehra fiasco where a number of Ramlila organizers had to be booked to have used crackers during the burning of Ravana effigies despite a ban. having been imposed on the same. Police had filed a number of complaints against Dussehra organizers for flouting the ban, but have yet to arrest anyone.

On Monday, Chandigarh councilor Dharam Pal reiterated, “The ordinances banning firecrackers are in Chandigarh. No violation will be tolerated. Confusion had arisen over the use of firecrackers the day before Dussehra. But this time, we won’t take any risks ”

On the eve of Dusshera, confusion over the use of firecrackers erupted after Chandigarh BJP chairman Arun Sood allegedly assured traders that he would speak to senior administration officials about the use of firecrackers. firecrackers in Dusshera on October 15. At least nine FIRs were later registered against various people, including members of the organizing committees of the festivals from Dussehra to Chandigarh. Councilor Dharam Pal said, “The police department has already been ordered to take strict action against all offenders. “

However, although nine FIRs have been registered against members of the Dussehra organizing committees, the police have failed to arrest offenders in most cases so far. Sources have claimed that the offenders have been named in most FIRs, but relevant police personnel have so far failed to gather enough evidence against them.

An investigating officer in one of these cases, requesting anonymity, said: “We interviewed some members of the committee, who were appointed to the FIRs and they maintained that they were using firecrackers after learning that the the same was allowed in Dussehra. Committee members claimed to have been informed that crackers were only banned for Diwali. “

The people who have been include Manu Bassin from Sector 28, as well as other members of the Dussehra Committee from Sector 28, Naseem from Ram Leela Field, Sector 27D, Madan Lal Acharya, President of Azaad Dramatic Club, Mani Majra, Secretary General, Navdeep Kaushik, and other club members, Dharam Rakshak Kala Manch Society, committee members Sri Ram Leela and Dusshera Ayojak, and Azad Dramatic Club, Sector 20, Youth Welfare Club of Maloya.

Police sources said some committee members claimed they had been given special permissions to use firecrackers on Dussehra, but police have so far said there are no such written orders from the administration of UT.

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