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Can your employer force you to return to work? Jane receives a letter from a frustrated worker who wants her employer to overstep federal guidelines and asks people to return to work.

Dear Jane,

I work in a small startup in New York and am quite frustrated with the reluctance of most of my colleagues to join the back office even though they have been offered a hybrid option. They can choose which days they want to work in the office in a week.

The frustrating thing is that most of them just walk any day with no schedule. I started working before the vaccination campaign, and I’m coming in three days and working from home for two, like a few others.

Despite the vaccination and all the Covid-19 precautions in place, colleagues are reluctant to come to work. As a result, all work is delayed and nothing is done on time.

The boss just had a baby; therefore, she is not interested in enforcing strict rules.

While the days of being in the office full time are over, it is still a valuable place for networking, team building and maintaining a strong corporate culture. It seems people have gotten used to the idea of ​​staying home and see it as a viable option. Career advancement seems to have taken a step back. Moreover, there is no direction from above. What should I do about all of this?

Thank you,
Frustrated porcupine

It seems at the moment; the workplace policy is to allow anyone who wants to work from home.

As you yourself have admitted, the days of ordinary functions are over. People have realized that most of the work can be done offsite and that you don’t have to go to the office every day.

You have to remember that not everyone is faced with the same situation. With the closure of schools, daycares have become a necessity. Both partners must be present to share the workload, household chores and childcare. You being a unique millennial, work to your advantage.

In addition, COVID-19 has not been completely eradicated. Come winters, it is thought that there could be a resurgence. People with unvaccinated children are reluctant to expose them on their way to work and perhaps bringing the virus home.

The reluctance therefore seems justified. It’s not that people don’t value their careers, but people put life choices first.

Don’t you think coming back to the office before the shots was a hasty and risky decision too?

Additionally, many people find that working from home can be more productive and fulfilling. In addition, they feel more relaxed because they are at home with their families.

It is agreed that being in the office makes it easier to collaborate, network and schedule work, but for now, the benefits of working from home far outweigh those of working on site.

Your objections seem to be more personal than the obstacles to the job, which seem to be going well at a slower pace.

It seems at the moment; the workplace policy is to allow anyone who wants to work from home. If you feel like rescheduling your days at the office, coordinate your days with the people you need to see in the office. Ask them to come on the day you are in the office.

Beyond that, as a manager, you have a professional obligation to consider perspectives other than your own. If it works for you, it might not work for others. A good manager learns to adapt, delegate and take feedback into account.

The pandemic has shown us that empathy and patience are important in difficult times.

Brutal and straightforward answers to HR questions and concerns. Send your questions with the subject line “Ask JANE HARPER” to

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City of Welland immunization rate at 90 percent Sun, 28 Nov 2021 19:09:52 +0000

There are about 500 city employees in Welland, and 90% of them have provided proof that they have been doubly vaccinated against COVID-19.

The deadline to show they have received two doses was November 19, but they have until December 2, when the municipality’s vaccination policy, approved by city council on October 19, goes into effect.

Under the policy, employees who are not fully immunized – including those with a medical or Human Rights Code exemption or those who do not wish to disclose their immunization status – must take and submit a blood test. rapid screening for negative antigens twice a week, starting December 2.

Failure to comply or refusal to comply with the policy will result in an employee being placed on unpaid leave of absence for up to six weeks.

Vacation, offset credits or the like cannot be used during this leave. The continued failure and refusal to adhere to the terms of the policy will result in further disciplinary action up to and including termination, according to a staff report.

The estimated cost of RAS testing in December could be $ 22,400.

The city has said that for those who receive good faith exemptions, the tests will be paid for beyond the end of the year.

“The cost for people with an approved exemption could be $ 20,800. The source of funding for planned spending in 2021 and 2022 would be the operational contingency, ”says a recent report from the city’s human resources director.

For employees without exemptions, the city will require staff members to pay for their tests in the new year.

The tests would cost up to $ 40, said chief executive Steve Zorbas.

He expects the number of staff providing immunization records to “continue to increase” in the coming days.

Mayor Frank Campion, who urged staff, council and the public to get vaccinated at a recent council meeting, has so far said he is satisfied with the results.

“I am happy that this is moving in the right direction,” he said.

He used the way he told his kids about report cards and school tests as an example of how he assesses compliance.

If one of them came home with a 98% average for the term or mission, he would tell them that there is “still room for improvement”, which he says is a problem. ‘applies to the remaining 10% of city hall employees who have until Thursday. to prove, if they do not want to be forced to provide a negative test twice a week.

In the new year, the cost of the tests will be borne by the workers.

The policy covers all employees, including full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary, casual, students, volunteers, counselors who attend in-person meetings, contractors and suppliers.

“No compliance measures have yet been adopted,” said Marc MacDonald, director of corporate communications.

– With files from Dave Johnson

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Payday loan on the internet in Ca providers that provide payday advance debt Sun, 28 Nov 2021 00:01:31 +0000 Payday loan on the internet in Ca providers that provide payday advance debt

We have removed a number of companies from their own databases in the past few months.

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Senders brace for another pandemic of Christmas gifts Sat, 27 Nov 2021 17:19:35 +0000

The final holiday season was far from the most wonderful time of year for the U.S. Postal Service: sick and quarantined workers, a flood of packages from shoppers reluctant to set foot in stores and a last-minute emptying of packages from overwhelmed private senders.

Postal workers who recall parcels and letters stacked in distribution centers are better prepared this time around as they prepare for another pandemic crisis. But low product inventories and disruptions to ports and the supply chain are creating new uncertainty about the delivery of gifts.

Already, workers are seeing an increase in vacation packages that began several weeks ago.

“A lot of workers say, ‘Oh no. Here we go again, ”said Scott Adams, local president of the American Postal Workers Union in Portland, Maine.

Packages block a conveyor belt at the U.S. Postal Service’s sorting and processing facility on Thursday, November 18, 2021, in Boston. On the busiest days, around 170,000 packages are processed at the facility. Last year’s holiday season was far from the most wonderful time of year for the beleaguered US Postal Service. Shippers are now gearing up for another holiday crush.

Charles Krupa / AP

The US Postal Service and private shippers UPS and FedEx are stepping up their hires – bringing in about 230,000 temporary workers – and taking other steps to ensure they aren’t overwhelmed by packages.

Nearly 3.4 billion packages are expected to crisscross the country this holiday season, an estimated increase of about 400 million from last year, said Satish Jindel, of Pennsylvania-based ShipMatrix, who analyzes data. parcel shipping data.

When cards and letters are included, the U.S. Postal Service has said it will deliver more than 12 billion items.

“The pandemic is still here. The supply chain is a challenge that is going to impact the way people shop and the way products move, ”said Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union, which represents more. 200,000 postal workers.

Despite the precarious situation, the Postal Service, UPS and FedEx are in better shape to handle the peak in volume, and several trends could work in their favor, Jindel said.

More people are shopping in stores compared to last year, and people have placed orders online earlier because they are keenly aware of supply chain issues, Jindel said. In addition, with the return of workers to the office, there are fewer shipments of home office supplies, he said.

More importantly, shippers are adjusting after their difficult experience last year, he said.

United States Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, who came under fierce criticism last year but reported on-time improvements and reduced operating losses this month, said the service was ready for the crisis.

“We’re ready, so send your packages and mail to us,” he said.

A year ago, more than a third of the Postal Service’s first class mail was late for the arrival of Christmas.

Semitrailers stuffed with mail were left idling outside some mail sorting facilities. Parcels and letters pile up in distribution hubs. The delays increased by days, then weeks, in many cases.

Two things were painfully obvious. More workers and more space were needed – and both are being addressed.

To keep the volume under control, the Postal Service is moving more than 30,000 career-less employees to the ranks of career employees in peak season, hiring 40,000 seasonal employees and leasing additional space in more than 100 locations to ensure that there is room for the parcels. .

The postal service installed more than 100 new parcel sorting machines in early November, part of the $ 40 billion investment planned over 10 years. In addition, more than 50 parcel systems capable of sorting large parcels are expected to be deployed before December. Together, they are increasing the capacity of an additional 4.5 million packages per day, officials said.

UPS, for its part, hires more than 100,000 seasonal workers across the country and continues to add aircraft and automations. It expects nearly 90% of its packages to pass through automated facilities by the end of the year.

FedEx, meanwhile, is expanding its workforce by 90,000 nationwide at its operating companies. Most of these new workers are expected to stay after the holidays, the company said.

Despite all these extra workers, shippers agree this is not the year for buyers to procrastinate.

“Complete your holiday shopping as soon as possible,” said Jim Mayer, UPS spokesperson.

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How does Trump Admin. Obtained from sheriffs to detain undocumented immigrants Sat, 27 Nov 2021 07:57:00 +0000

Our mission needs your support

You can fuel this job for $ 10 / month.

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Hawkesbury mayor drops lawsuits after integrity probe Sat, 27 Nov 2021 02:18:41 +0000

Hawkesbury Mayor Paula Assaly wants to focus on improving the working environment for city administration and distracting attention from the legal issues that have plagued her administration over the past two years.

On Friday, November 26, Assaly announced that she was dropping legal proceedings against former Integrity Commissioner John Saywell, and indirectly, against the municipality.

According to Assaly, the legal proceedings resulted from a complaint filed in Saywell by the director of human resources Dominique Dussault against Assaly. Dussault continues to hold this position in addition to having been appointed Administrative Director (CAO) earlier this year.

Saywell’s investigation revealed that the mayor violated the Municipal Code of Conduct and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act in January 2019, when she intervened unilaterally in the process of preparing a request for a government infrastructure grant by withdrawing the mandate from the administration and by entrusting it to an external firm. The investigation revealed in June 2019, the mayor intervened by unilaterally entrusting the Chenail Cultural Center with the responsibility of selling the permits for the launching ramp and the adjacent docks. The investigation also revealed that on June 16, 2019, Assaly declared a closed session without the knowledge of the clerk or the director general, which led to the firing of the former director of recreation and tourism Nicole Trudeau and two other managers of the department. At that same meeting, according to the report, Assaly offered to appoint a replacement for one of the posts without the knowledge of the clerk and the director general. Additionally, Saywell found that on July 29, 2020, Assaly intervened via email to a consulting firm regarding the awarding of a municipal contract.

Saywell filed his report with City Hall on December 31, 2020, but it was intercepted for confidentiality reasons and Assaly did not receive a copy until January 12, 2021. The report was only made public at the meeting. of the council of March 8. 2021.

Assaly faced three sanctions resulting from the investigation. She was required to issue a public apology to former general manager Daniel Gatien, former director of recreation and tourism Nicole Trudeau, and then interim general manager Dussault. Assaly was required to undergo 24-hour training from a professional management coach and was not allowed to participate in municipal plenary committee meetings until a new general manager was hired and the obligations of the other two sanctions did not apply. are met.

The mayor respected the sanctions but opposed the methodology and conclusions of Saywell’s investigation.

“Mr. Saywell did not interview me or my witnesses,” Assaly said on November 26. She alleged that Saywell told her he would contact her as part of his investigation, but did not. . Assaly added that Saywell sent a letter to councilors stating that if she resigned as mayor, he would not file a report on her investigation. She argued the code of conduct requires the integrity commissioner to file a report. reports to the board.

Assaly has launched a legal challenge to Saywell’s investigation in Divisional Court. However, she said some council members did not want to extend the time limit for court administration to find a bilingual judge who could hear the case in French and instead agreed to let the case be conducted in English. This decision gave rise to an injunction process which allowed Assaly to reimburse $ 35,000 in legal fees to the municipality.

Assaly now wants to prioritize what she qualifies as “human capital” and improve the work environment at the town hall. For the past two weeks, Assaly has been picketing outside town hall every day at noon to protest what she calls a “toxic climate” for staff. She would rather see the time and financial resources spent on legal matters rather invested in improving the workplace. Assaly has repeatedly referred to reports dating back to 2014 identifying issues within the municipal workplace.

“For me, it’s a priority. This has to change, ”she said.

The challenge for Assaly in making these changes is difficult due to a divided board. For the press conference on November 26, the mayor was accompanied by advisers Lawrence Bogue and Antonios Tsourounakis. All advisers were made aware of Assaly’s announcement ahead of the November 26 press conference and have been invited to attend. Assaly did not always have the support of the four remaining advisers.

“We need collaboration on the board,” she noted.

Tsourounakis compared the Saywell report to a traffic accident involving two vehicles where the role of a single driver was investigated.

Bogue said Assaly’s decision to drop the lawsuits did not eliminate the problems at City Hall, but it was time to focus on the future.

“The challenge is for the city to move forward. “

Assaly believes that employees with a good work environment are more likely to provide good service to taxpayers.

Lawrence Bogue, left, and Antonios Tsourounakis, center, were the only two Hawkesbury councilors to attend a November 26 press conference called by Mayor Paula Assaly, seated right. Photo: James Morgan

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Biden administrator demands higher prices for drilling on public lands Fri, 26 Nov 2021 18:38:00 +0000

With little fanfare, the Biden administration today released a much-anticipated report on how to reform the country’s oil and gas program that suggests higher royalties and more restrictions on where the oil industry can drill. on public land.

The report echoes reform measures advocated by Democrats, conservation groups and government watchdogs in recent years.

The report targets the amount of public land available for industry, suggesting that protecting areas with low oil potential would free those acres for other uses.

He argues that the Interior should increase the royalty rates that oil companies pay for drilling for federal minerals, as well as strengthen requirements for companies to set aside the money needed to plug and recuperate wells. The report also says the minimum bid of $ 2 per acre for buying leases at auction is too low, urging an increase to deter speculation.

Interior said today that the report concludes the full review of the federal oil program requested by President Biden in January. It does not enact any policy change itself. But it does offer a roadmap showing where this administration can go in terms of shifting the fossil fuel agenda to account for climate change and other impacts.

“This review highlights significant gaps in federal oil and gas programs and identifies important and urgent fiscal and program reforms that will benefit the American people,” Secretary Deb Haaland said in a statement today.

She said: “The Home Office has an obligation to responsibly manage our public lands and waters – providing a fair return to the taxpayer and mitigating worsening climate impacts – while remaining steadfast in the process. pursuit of environmental justice. ”

A 100-year-old system that charges private oil companies with drilling and producing federally-owned oil and gas fields – another program supports coal production on federal lands – the program was designed to improve the national energy production and empty federal coffers.

But the program became a goal for both conservatives and environmentalists under the climate-focused Biden administration.

Green groups complained that Biden had not done enough to reduce fossil fuel use on public lands, the only area of ​​the country’s oil and gas production where the White House has direct influence.

Activists and environmental justice groups have become increasingly hostile to the oil program due to its importance on public lands, which they believe should be reserved for uses such as wildlife, wilderness, springs. clean energy and recreation rather than the development of fossil fuels.

But oil champions have argued that the traditional industry can coexist with other uses, while warning that the depression in oil and natural gas production on federal lands will only send drillers elsewhere and will not much to reduce emissions.

The Biden administration called for this review of the federal oil and gas program in January to consider its return to the U.S. taxpayer, its climate impacts, and whether to change royalty rates to offset some of the programs’ climate-damaging emissions. .

The Interior pledged shortly after to issue an interim report on its findings by the summer, but delayed its release without explanation.

A GOP lawmaker today suggested that releasing the report during the recess is intentional, a way to reduce public scrutiny of the reform agenda.

“The DOI is quietly releasing this report over a holiday weekend, months after promising it, in the hope that no one notices their continued attacks on home energy,” said Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) .

Westerman accused the administration of proposing reforms to undermine energy production.

“They will cover up their attacks under the guise of ‘increased criticism’, ‘needed reforms’, ‘royalty rate adjustments’ and more, but we know the real story,” he said. “They will bog down small energy companies for years of regulatory deadlock, lock up millions of acres of resource-rich land, ignore local inputs and sell to foreign suppliers.”

Natural Resources Chamber speaker Raúl Grijalva, who has used his leadership position to push forward a series of oil and gas reforms included in the report, said his findings underscore the need for Congress to act. Measures such as increased royalty rates and stricter bond requirements could be included in the pending reconciliation case being debated on Capitol Hill.

“The administration must manage public lands and waters in accordance with its climate commitments, and today’s report does not propose a plan to do so,” Grijalva, an Arizona Democrat, said in a statement. . and long-awaited reforms to the federal fossil fuel rental program, which until now has been a public subsidy for oil and gas drilling and extraction. “

Today, some environmental advocates were quick to back the reform suggestions, which are familiar political demands of environmental groups.

“This report presents an incredibly compelling case both economically and environmentally to bring the federal oil and gas leasing program into the 21st century,” said Collin O’Mara, president of the National Wildlife Federation. “Implementing these overdue reforms will ensure that taxpayers, communities and wildlife are no longer harmed by below-market rates, insufficient protections and poor planning. “

But others countered that the proposals fail to take into account the reality of climate change.

“These trivial changes make almost no sense in the midst of this climate emergency, and they break Biden’s campaign pledge to stop new oil and gas rentals on public lands,” said Randi Spivak, director of public lands. public lands of the Center for Biological Diversity.

Journalist Emma Dumain contributed.

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High-yielding loans in Chicago are targeting black neighborhoods Fri, 26 Nov 2021 11:00:00 +0000

Pointing out that high-yield credit is proliferating in non-white Chicago neighborhoods is a bit like saying the sky is blue or the grass is green, but one consumer group says they are proving this for the first time with hard Counting.

Using 2019 borrower loan data received from state regulators, the nonprofit Woodstock Institute found that the major payday loan zip codes, except for the loop, were mostly black, including:

  • 60619 and 60620 on the South Side, which includes portions of Chatham, Burnside, Avalon Park and Greater Grand Crossing, Auburn Gresham and Washington Heights. These zip codes had more than 16 payday loans per 100 people and are both 95.7% black.
  • 60624 on the West Side, which includes parts of West Garfield Park, East Garfield Park and Humboldt Park and had 15.8 payday loans per 100 people. This zip code covers an area that is 90.7% black.

In contrast, postal codes with the lowest frequency of payday borrowers were mostly white, like 60614 in Lincoln Park. In that area, there were 1.1 payday loans per 100 people in a zip code that is 84% ​​white.

The analysis included zip code data for borrowers on payday loans and payday installment loans, which largely disappeared on March 23 when a new interest rate cap went into effect in Illinois. The nonprofit group obtained the data through a request to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

The 2020 data – although an odd year for lending due to the COVID pandemic – was similar, with the first two zip codes 60619 and 60620, followed by 60628, which covers parts of Roseland, Pullman, West Pullman and Riverdale and 93 , 1 inch is% black.

Brent Adams, senior vice president of the Woodstock Institute and IDFPR director under former Governor Pat Quinn, called it “statistical significance in steroids.”

“These loans are specifically aimed at black communities,” says Adams, adding that high-interest loans perpetuate a status quo “steeped in racial and economic inequalities.”

Headshot of Brent Adams, Senior Vice President of the Woodstock Institute.

Brent Adams, senior vice president of the Woodstock Institute.

Studies have shown that black Americans have average net worth that is about one-tenth that of white Americans, largely due to past discriminatory practices that have hampered family wealth accumulation, including denial of home mortgages.

The industry says it provides a necessary service for people who do not have the credit history or collateral to qualify for traditional bank loans.

In Illinois, payday loans, title loans, and installment loans must be limited to 36% of the effective annual interest rate starting March 23. The Illinois Predatory Loan Prevention Act also forces vehicle finance to meet the cap.

Forest Park’s Tiffany Moore first reached out to an installment lender when the coronavirus hit and a tenant of her investment property was unable to pay rent. Their $ 9,500 loan had a term of five years and an interest rate of 35.989%.

Even if the interest rate was below 36%, she realized that she would be paying back more than double the amount borrowed. So Moore paid it off early.

“I thought I had to get rid of this,” she says. “How can you get on when they charge all this interest?”

Tiffany Moore can be seen from the shoulder up in a photo, standing outside near brightly colored fall foliage.  The Forest Park woman turned to an installment loan with an interest rate of just under 36% during the pandemic.  She says she realized almost immediately that it was a bad deal.

Forest Park’s Tiffany Moore turned to an installment loan at just under 36% interest during the pandemic when a tenant of her investment property was unable to afford rent. She says she realized almost immediately that it was a bad deal.
Brian Ernst / Sun-Times

Ed D’Alessio, executive director of INFiN, a trading group that includes small dollar lenders among its members, says the Woodstock analysis “is nothing more than a thought experiment that detracts from the real challenges borrowers face today “.

D’Alessio says many borrowers “are underserved, overlooked or left behind” by other financial institutions.

The 36% cap has already caused some payday and small dollar lenders to close their Illinois locations, he says.

Samantha Carl from the Palatinate says the storefront lender she used in the suburbs has since closed. She received a loan of $ 700 before the 36% cap that had an APR of 399%. She paid it off in a matter of months, but it still cost her about $ 1,200, she says.

“It helped when I needed it, but the interest rate is insane,” says Carl, who relies on monthly disability checks and was hit by a sudden car repair.

Ed McFadden, spokesman for the American Financial Services Association, which represents installment lenders but doesn’t include payday or auto title lenders, says the new law could have unintended consequences.

He points to a 2015 Federal Reserve survey in which lenders said they couldn’t break even on loans below $ 2,532 at 36% APR.

“The rate cap may make politicians and stakeholders feel good, but it leaves a lot of consumers already struggling in a credit wasteland,” he says.

But Adams says there are alternatives like the Capital Good Fund, which lends to underserved consumers and charges an average interest rate of 13%.

APIs help banks meet B2B work-from-home demands Fri, 26 Nov 2021 09:00:23 +0000

Driven by the pandemic and the resulting shift to remote working, businesses are digitizing their financial operations as fast as they can. In doing so, their banking partners are increasingly expected to help them through the process.

Financial institutions (FIs) must meet this demand or risk losing business, and the easiest way to do this is through application programming interfaces (APIs). These can serve as a fast and reliable solution, enabling seamless and secure connectivity to a range of banking services while minimizing cumbersome behind-the-scenes tasks.

“APIs are the thing before the thing”, FISPAN Co-founder and CEO Clayton Spillway told PYMNTS in an interview. “They provide a very easy way for a person or a system to interact with another service, so that person doesn’t even have to understand how the service works. “

Think of an API as a bridge between two different computer systems. In the case of banking, an API can be used to relay instructions from a person sitting at a computer using billing software to initiate a payment by simply filling in a few fields, such as the account number. of the recipient. The API will take that request, send it to the bank, and make sure it’s processed – and it’s all done behind the scenes.

See also: APIs help FIs consumerize the banking experience for businesses

The simplicity of APIs is something anyone can appreciate, Weir said, noting how common they have become. If, for example, someone creates an account on a new website and the site sends an SMS to authenticate that new user, an API is at work.

“It can happen because a company like Twilio has integrated this ability to send text messages to phones, instantly and at a very low cost, into a single API,” Weir said. “So now every app developer in the world can take that bit of functionality and use it to improve their products. “

Weir said APIs hold the key to digital transformation at a time when businesses are overwhelmed by all the disconnected systems and services that the pandemic has forced them to adopt. One of the goals of digitization is to connect these systems seamlessly. But if anything, we’re probably further away than ever before as the universe of apps has grown dramatically over the past couple of years.

Read also: What post-pandemic success will look like for banks and businesses

Given these realities, it makes perfect sense for banks to make their services available through APIs, as developers powering this rapidly expanding universe of applications will have an easy way to access and integrate financial capabilities.

“If banks can make what they do available through APIs, developers can create better experiences with more depth on top of these functions,” Weir said. “It’s the kind of power [they have]. “

However, APIs are not limited to providing simple and transparent connectivity. They are also inherently safer than local solutions.

Weir said API security is based on two main ideas: authentication and authorization. On the authentication side, it is a matter of verifying that the user of an application or a service is indeed who he claims to be. Meanwhile, authorization is more nuanced, controlling the permissions of each authenticated user.

See also: Contextual business banking is inspired by big tech

The average user of a banking app or digital wallet will only be able to see their own accounts, for example. But an employee of the company will be able to see everyone’s accounts if they have the right authorization. An API allows this access quickly and easily. As Weir pointed out, this capability is particularly useful in scenarios where a bank might need to share confidential data with third parties, something that banks in general have traditionally been wary of.

“APIs have some really cool features,” Weir said. “Not only do they make sure that you are authorized to use the app, but they also allow variably restricting the actions that different parties or users can perform using this API, based on who they are. They are very secure, very authorized.



On: It’s almost time for the holiday shopping season, and nearly 90% of American consumers plan to do at least some of their purchases online, up 13% from 2020. The 2021 Holiday Shopping Outlook, PYMNTS surveyed over 3,600 consumers to find out more about what drives online sales this holiday season and the impact of product availability and personalized rewards on merchant preferences.

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Is the return to power the solution to The Great Resignation? Thu, 25 Nov 2021 23:41:38 +0000

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work forever. Australians have learned to adapt and work from home, and now workplaces must change over time to inspire teams to collaborate and return to the office once again.

As parts of the country begin to open up, many workers face burnout and burnout, with a talk of “The Great Resignation” flooding the media. Workplaces must now think about how they can evolve to create a space where employees want to be, a space that emphasizes well-being and social activities.

Our research of over 9,000 employees revealed that successful workplaces must promote leadership and culture, agility and technology, well-being and performance. Therefore, companies should not focus on The Great Resignation, but rather on how they can optimize the well-being and performance experience of their employees to retain their staff.

To encourage employees to return to the office, companies should ask themselves “what can we offer our employees that they don’t have at home?” “. The workplace is now much more than a physical place, it is a hub of social and collaborative activities that allow staff to feel “heard” and “seen” within their team. Creating an environment that does this can boost productivity, morale, and a sense of connectedness – all key ingredients of a successful business.

Using our insights and experience, we’ve crafted our top tips for businesses when they invite their employees back to the office:

Ask yourself why do we want people to come back to the office?

Determine if there are some genuine and meaningful reasons why you want employees to return to the office, such as better collaboration or team brainstorming, increased social connection, and increased engagement.

Our research tells us that 80% of people will want to work from their desks about three days a week. This means that the post-pandemic workplace will be less about ‘command and control’ and more about creating an empowering and social work experience for individuals.

Social and wellness activities will be essential in getting your employees back to the workplace, this could include team lunches, birthday celebrations, work anniversaries and cultural culinary days. Likewise, in-person wellness sessions are effective ways to boost morale and create a sense of connection.

Our experience has shown that it is only when people physically return to the office to see their colleagues face to face and reconnect with the corporate culture that they realize what they have missed.

What does our office provide and how do we support our employees?

From home, office and client spaces, how will you ensure that your business brings together the right people at the right time? We have found that the best way to help people design their own work experience is to ask them.

However, we do know that staff in many organizations are ‘surveyed’, so creating engaging and interactive workshops can help capture team sentiment.

In addition, we have identified that people want to come to the office to collaborate and socialize with their colleagues rather than doing targeted work, which can be done at home. It may mean planning your space to create a more shared, social, and collaborative environment.

What does our leadership look like?

Leadership is about understanding people’s needs, and when it comes to managing the return to the office, you can do that through engaging workshops where employees feel heard.

The new style of leadership in the post-pandemic workplace will be about getting the right hybrid mix, allowing employees to create their work experience. As many of us have learned throughout 2021, you won’t get the perfect hybrid mix right away, so there is an opportunity for everyone in the organization to learn from each other. .

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