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House Haiti Caucus co-chair Ayanna Pressley sent a letter with her fellow co-chairs to US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, calling on him to take a series of measures to support the Haitian diaspora in the country. context of the ongoing political unrest in Haiti. The lawmakers’ letter follows the recent assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, which threatened to further destabilize the country.

“The violence, extreme poverty and political instability that have afflicted Haiti in recent years have caused serious trauma to the Haitian people and to the entire Haitian diaspora,” the lawmakers wrote in their letter. “It is the responsibility of the United States and the entire world community to come together in support of the Haitian people and the more than one million Haitians and Americans of Haitian descent who inhabit the United States. “

The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed the country’s already limited public health infrastructure. Gang violence, bloodshed and continued kidnappings of civilians have displaced thousands of people from their homes. A report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs found that unprecedented violence and displacement has led to a series of secondary challenges, such as family separation, forced school closings and increased financial insecurity.

In his letter, Representative Pressley commended the Biden administration for re-designating Haiti for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and urged for early publication in the Federal Register so that eligible individuals can begin the process of applying for these essential protections. Lawmakers also called on DHS to reinstate the Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program (HFRP), which would allow certain eligible U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to apply for parole for family members in Haiti who cannot. be reunited due to one year. long delay in visa processing.

Additionally, lawmakers called on DHS to finally end all deportations of Haitian migrants amid the political crisis and the continued spread of COVID-19, noting that the Biden administration has deported more than 2,000 Haitian migrants. since the start of the administration, despite the moratorium. on deportations of immigrants already in the country.

“These necessary actions are rooted in the appeals of the Haitian community that we are proud to represent in our congressional districts,” lawmakers continued. “As an ally of Haiti and the Haitian people, the United States must immediately advance a domestic policy that protects the Haitian diaspora and supports the stabilization of Haitian democracy.”

Massachusetts is home to the third largest Haitian diaspora community in the country, with approximately 46,000 Haitians and Haitian-Americans living across the state and more than half in the Boston metropolitan area. In addition, Massachusetts is home to more than 4,700 Haitians with temporary protection status.

In May, on Haitian Flag Day, Representatives Pressley, Levin, Clarke and Demings announced the formation of the House Haiti Caucus, a congressional caucus dedicated to the pursuit of a just foreign policy that prioritizes needs and aspirations. of the Haitian people.

Last week, lawmakers released a statement condemning the assassination of President Moïse and calling for swift and decisive action to bring political stability and peace to Haiti and to the Haitian people.

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More good news at MLB All-Star Week in Denver Wed, 21 Jul 2021 18:53:01 +0000
Presenting a check for $ 50,000 to TAPS – Lynne Cottrell, director of TAPS Colorado Celebrity Classic, Diana Hosford, vice president of sports and entertainment, TAPS; Ken Monfort, Owner, Colorado Rockies; Kevin Moss, senior director of community affairs, Major League Baseball; Jim Kellogg, vice president of community and retail operations, Colorado Rockies; and Miles Cortez, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Aimco and Member of the Board of Directors of TAPS

MLB All Star Week welcomed some very special guests – families of fallen American heroes through TAPS. The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) is the national nonprofit organization that provides hope, healing, and resources to all who mourn the loss of a military loved one. As a guest of Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies, TAPS received the Military Community Grant, which will help provide essential services to the families they support. During the week’s events, the TAPS children were invited to attend a clinic, where they found community with their peers and created new memories while having the opportunity to honor loved ones. Lynne and Bo Cottrell are the directors of the annual Colorado Celebrity Classic fundraiser to be held on Saturday, September 11, 2021. The unique event, bringing together national talent from Nashville, has raised millions for TAPS.

TAPS Kids at the MLB All-Star Clinic

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Office Life in London Likely Not Returning to Pre-Covid Practices, NatWest Chairman Says | Work at home Wed, 21 Jul 2021 18:53:00 +0000

The chairman of NatWest, one of Britain’s biggest banks, has said office life in London will likely never return to what it was before the coronavirus pandemic.

Howard Davies said he expects lasting cultural changes even after the danger of the virus subsides. “The days when 2,500 people walked in through our office door in Bishopsgate at 8:30 am and then left at 6:00 am, I think that is over. I suspect there won’t be many people who will be spending five long days in the office.

In a Bloomberg TV interviewDavies said many NatWest office workers would likely continue to work from home part-time after pandemic restrictions were eased, in the latest sign of the reassessment of work practices by large companies.

“The center of London will not find as much attendance as before. I don’t think there is much appetite for this, because people are concerned about the risks of traveling and they have also discovered that they can do things differently, and that wasting this whole line on the line of travel. North is not necessarily the best way to spend your life.

The Westminster government on Monday lifted all restrictions on public mixing in England, including guidelines that people should work from home whenever possible. Many companies are reluctant to allow all workers to return due to rising infection rates.

Davies said companies in the UK and elsewhere would likely be “cautious” before trying to revert to pre-pandemic practices, in part because of the continued threat of infection from the coronavirus.

His comments put him at odds with Goldman Sachs chief executive David Solomon, who called working from home an “aberration,” but in line with HSBC bank bosses and JP Morgan who expect more. home work for office workers.

Some business leaders have criticized the government for its advice on handling growing absences, as workers are asked to self-isolate after contact with someone who later tested positive for the virus. Davies said the government’s messages around the issue had been “a bit complicated.”

NatWest is having some difficulty keeping branches open with worker absences due to self-isolation guidelines, although central operations have coped so far.

Davies said there were “areas of concern” in the UK economy, especially among the sectors worst hit by the pandemic where companies had taken on relatively high debt to help them weather the crisis. However, he said he was generally not worried about the UK economy, in part because consumers increased their savings after staying at home for long periods of time in the past 18 months.

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Emotional intelligence helps teleworkers thrive at work Wed, 21 Jul 2021 11:00:08 +0000

It is still not clear exactly what our workplaces will look like after COVID-19. Recent polls show that the majority of executives believe it is important for corporate culture to have staff in the workplace at least part of the time. Employees seem a little less eager to return to their offices. In a PwC study from January this year, more than 50% of teleworkers surveyed said they would like to work remotely three or more days a week. A smaller number, around 20%, would like to work remotely full time.

While there are obvious advantages to working remotely, such as savings in travel time, office expenses, and convenience, there are potential drawbacks. A major concern is that remote workers will not be able to develop the same connection with their coworkers and management team that they might have in a traditional office. Without the possibility of discussing and seeing each other in the corridors, will teleworkers feel isolated from their colleagues and their organization?

Then there is the question of advancement and promotion. How do teleworkers compete for opportunities with employees able to interact regularly with their managers and colleagues? The good news is that there are strategies emotionally intelligent telecommuters can use to not blend in and make sure they aren’t overlooked when it comes to promotion.

Communicate frequently

Frequent communication is important in any organization and crucial for remote workers. Make sure your managers and colleagues hear from you often. If you are wondering whether a document or instructions should be sent or not, give preference to sending. Not having the opportunity to physically interact with your colleagues and managers will put you at a disadvantage if you allow yourself to be silent. Ask questions if you are not sure what to do or if you are looking for help. Make sure everyone knows you are engaged. Failure to do so can raise questions about how you spend your time.

Proactively update leaders

When it comes to progress reports, get proactive. Don’t wait for management to ask you about your progress. Even if it’s just a line or two, let those you work with know what you’ve accomplished at the end of the day; outline what you plan to tackle tomorrow. Keeping everyone in the know makes you feel like you are involved and motivated. Don’t feel like a plague or a burden. It’s up to management to let you know that they don’t need to hear from you as much.

Show that you are listening

One of the difficulties with video meetings is not being able to use body language to determine how others are feeling. Making a special effort to hear what the speaker is saying and relaying the message you have heard is one way of letting them know they have been heard. Avoid looking down or away from the screen, as this makes it seem like you are not paying attention to what is being said. Avoid multitasking and give your full attention to the issue at hand.

Keep looking professional

It can be easy to stay in your pajamas or put on sweatpants when working from home, but wearing business-quality clothes to video meetings will pay off in the long run. Also keep your professional background. Family photos and awards for volunteering or other accomplishments look great in the background; leftovers from yesterday’s party don’t. Participants will notice your clothes and background, and make judgments about them. You want these judgments to be positive.

Check in and have an informal chat

While there are different expectations from your organization on how to conduct meetings, take advantage of opportunities to share how you are doing and make time for an informal conversation, if possible. This allows people to relax and make a connection before they get into the heart of the meeting. It can also help make up for lost little conversations in office elevators or the kitchen.

Get back to people quickly

When you receive emails, Slacks, or phone calls during your working hours, resend them ASAP. If you’re busy and a response requires more time than you have right now, send the person a quick response that says you’re in the middle of something and you will get back to them as soon as you have it. finished ; if not before a certain time, indicate an approximate time frame. Working remotely makes it difficult for managers or co-workers to know how busy you are right now, and long delays in your response can be interpreted as too many non-work-related distractions.

Find connection opportunities

Find smart ways to add value or brighten up a coworker’s workday. You can share a relevant article you read recently, or check out a colleague in your office who might be struggling. Finding reasons to stay in touch and up to date can help you be a priority, even when you’re physically away.

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Belk relocates headquarters remotely and sublets Charlotte headquarters Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:25:00 +0000

Belk plans to sublet its Charlotte headquarters on West Tyvola Road, the company confirmed on Tuesday evening.

The move helps the Charlotte-based department store chain move company employees to full-time or part-time remote work, Belk said.

Like other large businesses in Charlotte, Belk plans to mix office and remote work after more than a year of telecommuting by office workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

As of February, Belk had approximately 1,200 employees at the head office.

Productivity and communications have improved during COVID-19, company spokeswoman Jessica Rohlik told The Observer, and employees “largely” support working from home.

“We have been able to adapt and innovate, and have strategically reoriented our home office staff to continue to work primarily remotely,” said Rohlik.

CoStar, a publication from the commercial real estate industry, first reported the news.

Belk also plans to use the excess space in local stores for meeting rooms and offices, Rohlik said, which will help company employees work more closely with store products and customers.

The majority of the company’s employees will work remotely, Rohlik said, and no layoffs are expected as a result of the transition.

Belk’s siege

Belk signed a 15-year lease on his property at 2801 W. Tyvola Road in 2016. At that time, some of the company’s employees were grouped into one of its buildings on an area of ​​475,000 square feet.

Last July, Belk cut an undisclosed number of jobs, mostly at its head office. This followed 80 company jobs cut five months earlier.

Other changes at Belk

Belk also made other changes to the company’s leadership this month, including appointing Nir Patel as CEO.

Lisa Harper, who has been CEO since July 2016, is now Executive Chairman of the Board of Belk.

The company has 17,000 employees and 291 department stores in 16 Southeastern states.

Belk bankruptcy and re-emergence

Belk, owned by private equity firm Sycamore Partners, filed for bankruptcy and exited Chapter 11 in February. The Belk family sold the department store to Sycamore in 2015 for $ 3 billion.

When the pandemic struck last year, the 133-year-old department store faced $ 2 billion in debt and declining store sales.

The bankruptcy plan was approved within 24 hours, reducing his debt by about $ 450 million, the Observer previously reported.

The company then said it planned to keep all of its stores open.

Related stories from Charlotte Observer

Catherine Muccigrosso is the retail journalist for The Charlotte Observer. An award-winning journalist, she worked for several newspapers and McClatchy for over a decade.

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]]> 0 Caledonia “has become the sacrificial lamb”: Developer Tue, 20 Jul 2021 20:45:04 +0000

Content of the article

CALEDONIA Michael Corrado finds himself between proverbial rock and anvil.


Content of the article

The boulder is 1492 Land Back Lane, the one-year occupation of a Caledonia construction site that adjoins its property.

The hardest part, according to the Ancaster-based developer, is the government’s reluctance to do anything about a dispute over native land rights that resulted in the cancellation of two buildings in Caledonia and clouded the outlook for the Corrado’s own project.

“We’re in limbo right now,” said Corrado, who, along with his business partners, owns 83 acres between what would have been the McKenzie Subdivisions and Douglas Creek Estates.

The Corrado property was to be the next phase of the McKenzie construction, which was recently abandoned by Foxgate Developments.

Today, however, its lands are used by land defenders as a safe passage between McKenzie Road and the former lands of Douglas Creek, which are now known as Kanonhstaton and remain occupied by members of the Six Nations.

“They built a road on our property. They are encroaching on our property, ”Corrado said.

“We’ve complained to the OPP, but they’re not going to do anything,” he added, referring to a court injunction that bars anyone not authorized by Foxgate from being on the McKenzie property.

“If they make an arrest, they catch and release, and they do it offsite,” Corrado said.

Corrado was one of the first buyers of McKenzie land in 2003. The county and province approved his company’s plans for a subdivision initially named McKenzie Meadows. In 2015, Corrado’s company sold the 25 acres closest to McKenzie Road to Losani Homes and Ballantry Homes – the companies behind Foxgate – and the project was renamed The McKenzie.


Content of the article

With Foxgate canceling all contracts and paying off buyers’ deposits at the end of June, Corrado is unlikely to break new ground on its half of the project anytime soon. The same is true for Ballantry, which owns land east of the McKenzie site that is expected to become a large subdivision.

But the occupation did not slow down other construction in Haldimand. There are 14 housing estates at different stages of development in the county, including several major constructions in and around Caledonia encompassing over 2,000 residential units in total.

“We have a significant amount of development going on (and) a significant amount of development going on,” said Craig Manley, Executive Director of Haldimand.

“As it stands, there is every indication that most of the people who have invested and filed for development continue to use them.”

Manley said the county was “disappointed” but not surprised when Foxgate unplugged construction at McKenzie after the long occupation, adding that he sympathized with homebuyers who “saw their lives drastically disrupted.”

“We feel bad for them because there is nothing you can point out that was fundamentally wrong with the actions taken by the developer,” Manley said.

Haldimand-Norfolk MP Toby Barrett said following the rules is no guarantee of success in Caledonia.

“We saw this movie before, with Douglas Creek Estates 15 years ago,” Barrett said. “Unfortunately, with all the problems around Caledonia, some things are predictable. My advice to the county would have been not to provide a building permit (on McKenzie).


Content of the article

Corrado is no stranger to the issue of land claims, as his previous constructions in Cayuga have been challenged by the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) and Six Nations land rights activists.

In 2008, he successfully applied for a Superior Court injunction against a group protesting a 44-unit townhouse project. Corrado said the townhouses were ultimately “sold at a much lower price due to this blockade”.

In the years following the occupation of Douglas Creek in 2006, some housing developments took place in Caledonia with minimal or no disruption from the land defenders. So Corrado thought it was clear when he moved to develop the McKenzie property, which those on Land Back Lane say is unceded Haudenosaunee territory.

Corrado rejects this view and says he has the documents to prove it.

“We have the original surrender, when the Chiefs of the Six Nations sold this property to the Crown, with all the signatures of the Chiefs. All of this land has been properly ceded and sold, ”he said. “If the money the Six Nations received was embezzled, that’s another story. It’s a matter of accounting. But they have no right to the land.

The Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council – the hereditary leadership of the Six Nations – claims they have documents proving the McKenzie land was not ceded, while a 1995 lawsuit by the elected council demands Ottawa an account of the various transactions land in the Haldimand Tract.


Content of the article

In April, the Confederation declared a moratorium on development in the Haldimand Tract, unless manufacturers and governments first consult the HDI.

“If we don’t have anyone to sit down and talk to about development and where and how it’s going to unfold, then obviously we’re being pushed to say, ‘OK, we’re going to stop all development,’” the rep said. from HDI, Aaron Detlor.

“It doesn’t make sense to come to us after the fact and say, ‘We have approved a development, can we now talk about your interests? “”

Those who ignore the moratorium and try to build should expect a repeat of what happened on McKenzie Road, Detlor added.

“I think any developer should take the risk of developing on what is clearly stolen land seriously,” he said.

Corrado remains frustrated by the apparent lack of political will to resolve a dispute that encompasses not only Caledonia but also land along the Grand River from north Fergus to Lake Erie.

“There is no politician in the world who is going to wade through this hot water. Nobody wants to touch it, especially now, ”Corrado said.

“Caledonia is obviously consumable and has become the sacrificial lamb, because it is geographically convenient to block. But Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, Paris are all part of the same land dispute.

Manley said the long occupation at Land Back Lane, like Douglas Creek before it, affected Haldimand’s reputation as a place to do business.


Content of the article

“Obviously, it’s not helpful,” the CEO said.

“Due to certain reputational implications, we are putting a lot of energy and effort into promoting Haldimand – and I believe successfully – as a welcoming place for investment and for tourists, and we will continue to do so. make.”

He echoed Corrado’s call to senior levels of government to “deal with” land claims and remedy “historical injustices to the indigenous community”.

“They need to step up their efforts,” Manley said of federal and provincial officials. “So that everyone involved has a clear idea of ​​what is going to happen and what is not going to happen, and so that we don’t end up in 10 years with another situation.”

Almost two decades of frustration have not driven Corrado from Caledonia.

“Absolutely not. We want to develop there. We have to keep pushing,” he said.

Realistically, he added, his only option now is to hold onto McKenzie ground and hope for the best.

“We have no choice,” Corrado said. “Who is going to buy this land while it is occupied?” “

JP Antonacci is a reporter for the Local Journalism Initiative based at the Hamilton Spectator. The initiative is funded by the Government of Canada.



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In West Palm, US Secretary of Labor hears about need for help for seniors Tue, 20 Jul 2021 20:26:17 +0000

The Biden administration has a large – and expensive – plan for roads, bridges, and broadband.

But during a swing in West Palm Beach to promote the president’s plans on Monday, his Labor Secretary Marty Walsh learned Floridians want help with a problem much closer to home: how to provide care to the elderly or sick.

In addition to a two-party $ 1.2 trillion physical infrastructure plan that Congress is still trying to fund, President Biden is proposing a separate plan that would spend up to $ 3.5 trillion to fight climate change. , stimulate social programs like Medicaid and reform immigration.

Biden wants $ 400 billion of that $ 3.5 trillion spent on helping home and long-term health care services.

After:June COVID-19 vaccinations increased in Palm Beach County immigrant communities