Facebook India Hires Former IAS Officer As Public Policy Officer

Social media platform appoints former IAS officer Rajiv Aggarwal, who was at Uber as public policy manager for India and South Asia, to lead its policy development initiatives in the country

His appointment is gaining in importance with the implementation of the new 2021 IT intermediation rules

This is the latest appointment in a series of recent hires to key leadership positions at Facebook India

As the Indian government tightens control over social media platforms with information technology (intermediate guidelines and code of ethics for digital media) Regulation of 2021, Facebook India has appointed Rajiv Aggarwal, former head of IAS, as Director of Public Policy, to lead policy development initiatives for the company in areas such as user security, data protection and internet privacy, inclusion and governance. He will succeed Ankhi Das, who left Facebook India in October last year amid controversy for opposing the application of hate speech rules against the country’s right-wing rulers.

The appointment comes at a crucial time as new government guidelines for IT intermediaries, which garnered much attention and created controversy earlier this year, are now firmly in place and all major social media players are complying with them. rules.

The new IT guidelines requiring major social media intermediaries (those with at least 50 lakh registered users) to appoint a grievance officer, a compliance officer and a nodal contact person, in addition to requiring them to comply with government orders for the removal of certain content deemed to be in violation of the law.

Aggarwal’s last assignment was at Uber, where he was responsible for public policy for India and South Asia. He will report to Ajit Mohan, vice president and general manager of Facebook India and will be part of the Indian management team.

Aggarwal has 26 years of experience as an Indian Administrative Officer (IAS), working from the local to the global level, including as a District Magistrate in nine districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

During his tenure as an administrative officer, he led India’s first-ever National Policy on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as Deputy Secretary of the Department of Industry Promotion and Domestic Trade, and has been instrumental in the digital transformation of intellectual property offices in India.

He has been closely associated with the India-US bilateral trade forum, in addition to being India’s main negotiator on IPRs with other countries.

Speaking of the appointment, Ajit Mohan, vice president and general manager of Facebook India, said: “Facebook is an ally in India’s exciting economic and social transformation, with digital playing a central role. I am delighted that Rajiv is joining us to lead the public policy team. With his expertise and experience, Rajiv will help to continue our mission of strengthening transparency, accountability, autonomous and secure communities, which we all recognize as our responsibility, ”said Mohan.

New IT rules also impose a three-tier monitoring process for publishers of news and content organized online, i.e. the OTT platform. By tightening the noose around digital media players in the country, social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube would be required to remove objectionable content / posts within 36 hours of receiving a complaint from the relevant authorities.

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