Emoji reactions, admin removal, 2GB file sharing and 512 group support are coming to Whatsapp

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The reactions are similar to what exists in Facebook Messenger and Instagram messages. When reactions were first announced, Meta said that you could only use a few to start with, but that support for “all emojis and skin tones” would be added in the future. .

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Reactions are a useful feature, which is why other Meta apps like Slack and Telegram have had them for a long time – if you want to be able to show that a post made you laugh without cluttering the group chat, you’ve got it now a way to do it. WhatsApp also doubles the default maximum group chat size, increasing the cap from 256 to 512 (although there have been workarounds to exceed the previous limit, especially from third-party WhatsApp apps).

WhatsApp’s blog post notes that larger groups are being rolled out “slowly”, while emoji reactions and increased file size limits become available in the current version of the app. The company expects reactions to roll out to everyone in “about a week”, but added that some users already have the feature.

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