Discord launches automatic content moderation tool to support its overloaded mods

Discord is stepping up its content moderation tools and rolling out resources to support its overwhelmed volunteer moderators. The company is also expanding its premium subscription program, which allows users to set up paid subscriptions for their servers.

In a series of announcements released Thursday, the company said it was rolling out AutoMod, an automatic tool designed to help protect its communities and create a safe environment. According to information provided by Discord, AutoMod is basically a powerful automatic keyword filter that will allow moderators to detect, block or get alerts for harmful messages or phrases in channels, threats and text in a server’s voice chats.

AutoMod will no doubt be a welcome boost to Discord moderators, who have been battling abuse for years. At one point, they even developed their own guerrilla mechanisms, such as containment rooms or robots, to combat raids from destructive users and trolls.

As many of those who are perpetually online know, moderators and administrators are essential in internet communities, and Discord is launching two new resources for these users, including the Discord Community Resources “education hub”, the company explained. The hub will be a blog featuring posts from “experienced community leaders,” with the goal of teaching mods and admins how to build, engage, and grow their servers.

Additionally, Discord will also launch a new “Admin Community” for mods and admins, run by the company itself, to help them chat and connect.

Finally, Discord also had some news about premium subscriptions, a feature that allows community creators and owners to put their server behind a paid subscription. More and more influencers are using Discord to connect with fans, and the chat platform has become a hub for the cryptocurrency community. Testing on premium subscriptions started with a small number of servers in December, but will expand to more servers this summer, the company said.

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