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The 2022 budget and the City of Dayton property tax were formally passed at the Dayton City Council meeting on December 14.

Finance Director Zach Doud presented the 2022 draft budget to the board.

“We are seeing an increase of 7.35% in 2022,” he said. “The preliminary levy that people saw on their property tax slips was 9.03%. It has lowered taxes for the people they will see in 2022. ”

He added that this increase will be similar to what people paid in taxes in 2021.

The impact on owners includes a reduction in the municipal share of taxes. The average home value of $ 380,000 in 2021 will experience a monthly decline of $ 13.83. A home valued at $ 200,000 will experience a decrease of $ 7.25 per month and a home valued at $ 600,000 will experience a decrease of $ 22.75 per month.

On the revenue side, the city has budgeted for an increase in permits and licenses (up 26% in 2022 compared to 2021).

There is also a 15% budgeted increase in property taxes in 2022, due to the construction of new homes. These property tax increases will offset the increase in city spending.

Spending for 2022 includes the addition of new municipal staff. A new fire chief (sharing time between the fire service and the inspection service), patroller, part-time administrative assistant (32 hours with benefits) for the police service, an associate planner and the coordinator position of the activity center going from part-time to full-time are the new positions for next year.

There is also more spending planned in the election for next fall’s election. There were no election fees in 2021.

The distribution of expenditure is 51% for public security, 24% for public administration, 18% for public works and the rest for culture and recreation.

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