David Y.Ige | Governor’s Office Press Release: Governor Vetoes 28 of 30 Bills on Veto List

Governor’s Office Press Release: Governor Vetoes 28 of 30 Bills on Veto List

Posted on Jul 12, 2022 in Latest Department News, Press Room, Press Releases from the Governor’s Office

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HONOLULU — Governor David Ige announced he signed 311 of the 343 bills passed by the Hawaii State Legislature during this year’s session.

The governor is vetoing 26 bills and two of the 30 bills listed on his veto intent list released June 27.

“Many of the bills I veto have legal, procedural and compliance issues,” Governor Ige said.

During today’s press conference, the Governor highlighted the following two vetoed bills:

HB1705 relating to agricultural park leases

Rationale for veto: This program is supposed to be a start-up program for new farmers to establish themselves commercially. Procedures are in place for existing tenants to request an extension of their lease. The Ministry of Agriculture will continue to work with existing tenants who wish to extend the lease to a maximum of 55 years.

“Current tenants can reapply for a lease and are likely to submit more competitive bids than potential tenants since they have already established their operations. The purpose of this veto is to ensure that we give as many tenants as possible. ‘farmers the opportunity to apply and benefit from this state program,’ Governor Ige said.

HB2424 Relating to child protective services

Rationale for veto: The supervision provisions of this bill would violate the constitutional rights of families who have adopted or warded former foster children and who are receiving ongoing support for that child. The provisions would include unlimited investigations of those families if, at any time, a complaint was filed with DHS about that family, regardless of the merits of the complaint, and regardless of whether the complaint was ever founded. These inquiries would be permitted as long as the child is a minor, even where the family court has found the legal relationship to be in the best interests of the child and has approved the adoption or other permanent legal relationship between the child and family. This bill would expand the duties of the state to monitor and intervene in ongoing family relationships in ways that violate the constitutional rights of those families, without any evidence of harm or threat of harm to the child who is part of the family.

“I want to reiterate that I strongly support the intent of this bill, which is to give more resources and authority to the Child Protective Services Division to ensure the safety of our keiki,” he said. said Governor Ige. “The trauma our community has suffered from the loss of a former foster child is real and cannot be ignored. But the solution cannot and must not violate the constitutional privacy rights and basic dignity of every family that has welcomed and provided a former foster child with love and stability.

For the list of veto intentions published on June 27, click here.

Governor Ige signs two bills on the veto list:

Governor Ige decided not to veto SB3179 Relating to the Department of Lands and Natural Resources which requires the Forestry and Wildlife Division of the Department of Lands and Natural Resources to adopt rules and provide funds to licensed hunters. DLNR will incorporate the deer control measures included in the bill, into the planning efforts of the Maui Nui Deer Control Task Force. The Department continues to evaluate all invasive deer species management and reduction strategies and will implement all feasible and cost-effective methods.

Also SB3272 Transportation which requires the Department of Transport to adopt rules requiring operators of passenger aircraft to report details of each flight on a monthly basis, will not be vetoed. It also establishes the working group on air, noise and safety.

“I know noise from low-flying aircraft is a big concern to the community, and I believe the task force can help communicate concerns and develop solutions to address the issue,” Governor Ige said. .

Bills that become law without the Governor’s signature:

Additionally, six bills become law without the Governor’s signature. These bills contain either a technical problem or an area that needs to be reworked and discussed further with the relevant state departments.

The invoices are:

SB2990 Related to sustainable agriculture

SB2218 Related to a Food Hub pilot program

HB2020 Relating to housing

HB1872 Regarding sustainability

HB2288 relating to the earth

HB1932 Relating to child protective services

“I want to thank the Legislative Assembly for their hard work during this session. Lawmakers have passed bills that will help improve the quality of life for Hawaii residents. Together, we will continue to protect public health, revive the state’s economy, and strengthen our communities. This session is another example that we can do great things when we work together,” Governor Ige said.


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