Dallas cops on leave for alleged involvement in pyramid scheme

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A dozen Dallas police officers have been involved in a pyramid scheme, the department told Dallas City Council.

In a note to council, the department said Police Chief Eddie García put several officers on administrative leave Thursday afternoon. A police spokesperson confirmed on Friday that several officers were on leave but said he did not know how many.

At the end of 2020, the department’s public integrity unit began investigating an officer suspected of having participated in a pyramid scheme. This investigation found that other officers were involved and could be criminally guilty, the department said.

According to the memo, the department “expects the investigation to lead to the arrest of an officer” and that 11 others will have their cases referred to a Dallas County grand jury to determine whether charges should be laid.

The ministry did not identify any of the officers involved, but said they ranged from officer to major.

The memo referred to officers on leave as “a fairly common action”, but said council members had been informed due to the number of police officers involved.

The police spokesperson said the department could not comment further as the criminal investigation remained open.

Council member Paula Blackmon, whose district is in northeast Dallas, said García was keeping his promise to hold his officers accountable for their conduct.

“He’s said it before that he’ll praise the staff when they do well and hold them accountable when they need it, and he does,” Blackmon said.

In March, KXAS-TV (NBC5) reported that an officer from the department’s south-central patrol division had been placed on administrative leave over allegations of involvement in a Ponzi scheme. It was not clear if this was related to Friday’s action.

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